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The meaning of feng shui symbols

The meaning of feng shui symbols

To begin with, it should be noted that Feng Shui teaching is by no means a religion. Feng Shui is a set of some rules and recommendations aimed at purifying the energy in your home, achieving family harmony, financial well-being and much more. Many consultants in this field claim that if you use the feng shui symbols correctly, you can fulfill your most secret desires.

However, it is very important to know and take into account the meaning of such symbols in order not to accidentally cross different energy flows in your home.

So, in this article we will tell you about the meaning of the most popular characters in Feng Shui.

Symbol of Fortune by Feng Shui — Horse

The figurine of this animal can not only bring good luck into your life, according to Feng Shui, but also perfectly contribute to career growth. Especially prized horses with raised front hooves. Considering the feng shui of the whole house, it is desirable to place the horse statuette in the south-west side of the guest room.

Bowl of Wealth

This symbol is considered to be the most important talisman of wealth in feng shui and material wealth. Indoors, a bowl of wealth should be placed in the southeast zone. In the box, which is located directly under the bowl, you should store jewelry or big money.

Mandarin Ducks

In the teaching of feng shui mandarin ducks are the most powerful talisman, symbolizing loyalty and dedication in matters of the heart. Very often, mandarin ducks are not bonded to each other, but you should not put them separately. According to feng shui, in the house these figurines should always be paired to attract good luck in love.

Money Tree

The branches of the right money tree should decorate small Chinese coins that will attract strong financial energy to your home. This Feng Shui symbol will help you keep existing funds and increase your income in the future. It should be located in the northern zone of your apartment.

Star elders

Star elders, according to feng shui for the home, are designed to bring peace and harmony to relations between relatives. Each of the star elders is the guardian of the family hearth and is designed to protect the room from quarrels and conflicts. Separating elders is not recommended, because in this way they can lose their effectiveness.

Three star elders will help to gain not only complete understanding between loved ones, but also attract money luck to your home.

Pi Yao is one of the strongest Feng Shui symbols aimed at increasing revenues and financial profits. If, according to your Zodiac Sign, you are in disfavor with the symbol-owner of the year, then Pi Yao will help you to neutralize its negative influence. In his house, Pi Yao should be placed at the level of his own eyes, so that he can look into them and see your secret desires.

Fu Dogs

Chinese Fu Dogs will help protect your home from the loss of money. This talisman personifies bravery and justice, therefore the house, where it is, is not afraid of looting and penetration. As a rule, Fu’s dogs are sold in pairs and in no case is it recommended to separate them, because they symbolize the energies of Yin and Yang, which serves as a guarantee of stable and strong relations in the family.

At home, this talisman should be stored in the western zone.

Chinese health balls

Feng shui health balls are used to maintain the balance between the energies of Yin and Yang inside a person. These symbols on feng shui should not be stored on the shelf, since they are intended for direct contact with a person. In your spare time, squeeze the health balls in your palms, thereby you can stimulate your own well-being.

We hope that at least a little help you understand the meaning of one or another popular Chinese characters by Feng Shui. We wish that everything in your house should be in its place and that the positive energy channels always remain open. Pick a talisman to your taste and do not forget to press and

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