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Money zones in your house: how to attract wealth through Feng Shui

Money zones in your house: how to attract wealth through Feng Shui

According to feng shui, in every home there are sectors that are responsible for certain areas of our life. By activating them, you can improve your life and find what you want.

Experts feng shui argue that the house — it’s not just a place in which we live: he, like people, is a living organism. He can establish contact with households, and if this does not work out, he can even “get rid” of people he dislikes. In our home there are certain areas that are responsible for every area of ​​our life.

If any part of the house is decorated incorrectly, it can cause many troubles and financial difficulties.

There is a money zone in every home. If material difficulties are your main problem, then the zone is deactivated. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru will tell you how to properly activate the wealth sector in order to improve their financial situation.

How to find the money zone in your home

Each house is divided into several energetically strong sections, but they will only work if you activate them correctly. First you need to find the sector you need.

Feng Shui money zone is located in the southeast of the house. You can find it using a compass, but if you don’t have this device at hand, try to find it using another method. Just turn your back to the front door — the far left corner is the area of ​​wealth in your home.

Go through this section of the dwelling and see if there are extra items and old furniture there. If, while in this sector, you experience discomfort, it means that you need to clean it of negative.

How to clear the money zone

The Feng Shui money zone requires order, therefore, before activating it, it is necessary to clean the area of ​​unnecessary things and dirt. First of all it concerns dust and debris, as they block cash flow. After that, you need to get rid of broken and old things that can slow down the monetary activity of the sector.

Old and antique items. It seems to many that antique items are of tremendous value because of their history and age. In fact, these are just old things that need to be disposed of, especially if they are located in the money zone.

They impede the energy of money, which affects the energy field of the wealth zone. If antiques seem beautiful to you and give your home sophistication, move them to another place.

Bucket with trash. If this item was in the zone of wealth for a long time, it was precisely because of this that you could have financial difficulties. The trash bin creates a strong energy barrier in the biofield of the monetary area, which should receive only positive energy.

To fix this, move the cart to another location.

Broken things. If there are broken items in the wealth zone, they will block the cash flow, which means you will not be able to activate the sector. Such things should be disposed of immediately, otherwise they will affect not only your financial situation, but also life in general.

Dried plants. Careless owners often do not notice that their indoor plants have long withered. From the moment of their death, they have a “dead” energy, which destroys the energy field of the monetary zone.

Fridge. Despite the fact that modern household appliances appeared later than the teachings of Feng Shui, some devices are able to block cash flow. These include a fridge. Since this device operates around the clock, its vibrations adversely affect the biofield of the wealth zone.

If you do not have the opportunity to move it to another place, then try to keep it clean and do not store harmful products in it.

Fireplace or candle holders. In general, they create additional coziness and warm the household, but they have a detrimental effect on the money sector. These things are directly related to fire, which means that cash flow can “burn out”.

In this case, financial difficulties will haunt you for a very long time.

How to activate the money sector

There are a huge number of rituals to attract wealth, but in order to activate the money zone, you will have to exert your efforts. This will help you colors, certain objects or symbols.

The correct color range. In Feng Shui, the monetary colors are black, green, purple and blue. You can show imagination and decorate the money zone to your liking.

Try to use all of the above colors to increase your cash flow.

Trees Of course, you cannot plant a forest in the wealth sector, but you can buy several indoor trees that activate the money zone. For this purpose, especially the Fatty.

Remember to care for plants: as you remember, dead flowers emit negative energy and impede cash flow.

Aquarium. Aquarium fishes themselves cry out for us positive emotions, it is not surprising that with their help you can activate the money sector. Care of them will give you a lot of pleasure, and the presence of an aquarium will create a harmonious atmosphere in the house and help you to improve your financial situation.

Water. A vessel with water in the money sector will not only increase cash flow, but even protect it from the effects of negative energy. Remember that water needs to be changed daily, since in a day it absorbs all the negative that is present in your house.

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