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Mirror feng shui

Mirror feng shui

The mirror is an integral part of the interior, hardly anyone can imagine life without this important thing. But what carries the reflective surface and how does this object affect you and your house? Find out what the Feng Shui experts say about this.

With a large number of mirrors connected and will believe. There are many ways divination on the mirror. Reflective surface can bode both bad and good.

Our ancestors believed that the mirror is a portal to the world of the dead, and this cannot bode well for anything positive.
In the house the mirror, besides its main function, can serve as the key components of the interior. Thanks to the mirrors, you can visually increase the space and give a small apartment space.

Where to hang a mirror on Feng Shui

According to the theory of feng shui, a mirror can attract, distribute and absorb positive energy, everything depends only on the location of the object. Be attentive to the mirrors in the house, a dusty and dirty mirror will block everything positive. Such neglect of purity can result in family conflicts and material problems.

Mirror in the hallway

Entrance to the house is an important place. On how the hallway is framed it will depend on whether a favorable energy enters the house. It is important to pay attention to the front door; in no case should it be displayed in the mirror.

But the biggest mistake will be to hang a mirror on the door, so you block the entrance for any positive emotions.

Mirror in the bedroom

Feng Shui attaches great importance to this part of the house, because it is here that a person gains vitality. It is not necessary to have in the sleep area large mirrors from the ceiling to the floor. And although feng shui mirrors are welcome in the rooms, in the bedroom it is better to restrict yourself to a small mirror on the dressing table. It is impossible for the bed to be reflected in the mirror, it will lead to quarrels and conflicts between people who sleep together.

If this cannot be avoided, put indoor plants next to the mirror.

Living room mirror

The living room is the place where the family and guests most often gather. The mirror in this part of the house will favorably influence the energy of the house. It is only necessary to determine in which zone to hang it.

Feng shui is not recommended to place an interior item so that it reflects the front door or window, it is desirable to arrange the mirror so that you can see something pleasant, for example, an aquarium or indoor plants.

Feng Shui mirror placement rules

  • Try not to hang a mirror in the kitchen, the hostess will tire more quickly, and cooked food will carry negative energy.
  • You cannot hang a mirror in front of your desk in your account; it will negatively affect your business and finances.
  • Feng Shui masters advise to give up mirror ceilings, since everything positive will be reflected and go down.
  • It is best to have favorable symbols in front of the mirror, which the reflective surface can increase, for example, coins or fruits.
  • Try not to mirror the door in the mirrors, so you block everything positive.

Make it a habit to look in the mirror with a smile, so your vitality will double, and others will feel that you are positive. Follow these simple rules and harmony and comfort will reign in your home. We wish you good luck and do not forget to press the buttons and

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