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Lose weight by Feng Shui: everything about beauty, energy and diets

Lose weight by Feng Shui: everything about beauty, energy and diets

Feng shui can help not only beautifully and energetically properly equip an apartment. This ancient knowledge also helps to keep the body in order, including losing weight.

The first stage: the division into necessary and unnecessary

In contrast to the Western ways of losing weight, such as fitness, diet and advice of doctors, Eastern wisdom sees the relationship between everything extra that is in a person’s life, and his weight. In this category, of course, anything can apply: thoughts, abnormal life steps and objects. It is from them, in the first place, that feng shui experts offer to refuse, but this must be done correctly.

Cabinet cleaning

You definitely have things that you do not carry, but did not throw away for some reason. And in vain. Since the path to losing weight means getting rid of unnecessary, get rid of the wardrobe items. If you feel sorry for throwing things away, tailor them into doll dresses, make them a toy for your child or give them to needy children and families.

This will definitely be more useful than taking up space in your closet. After all, there will have to be a new, beautiful and beloved clothes.

To get rid of old things was less painful, throw one a day. Perhaps some wonderful memories are connected with some kind of sweater, or it is dear to you as a memory of some events. However, you should get rid of it if you can no longer wear it. Take a picture with her again for memory, remember all the events associated with it and understand that it is not she — the most important thing in your experience.

After all, your memory is your emotions, and they are stored not in this sweater, but in your head. Do not associate this thing and events. More important are the people who surrounded you at that moment. You can even take and write a short story on the theme “happy moment in my life” and retell it all there.

Surely the description of your favorite sweater will take no more than a few lines.

Getting rid of unnecessary things

Do not forget that in addition to clothes in your house there may be a whole collection of waste paper, which takes up space. For example, a stack of old newspapers or magazines. Why do you need them?

They contain only irrelevant information. So do a good deed: hand over to waste paper.

In your house there may be broken things or those that are no longer used. Let them not occupy space. Ask: maybe someone is collecting something that you have, maybe something you can repair and start using.

If not, remove this item from your home.

The second stage: the beginning of positive changes

Now you have actually got down to business. Show as much desire and aspiration, and then you will be able to achieve noticeable results for your figure. Now you need a positive attitude in return for things that you have taken out of the house.

You can buy for yourself something useful, what you will use, and that will serve you a long time.

Do not take weight loss as something extremely heavy and exhausting. After all, it is your choice on the path to beauty and health. Do not set goals that are too large.

Try to lose weight to start 1-2 kilograms. When you celebrate such small successes, the process of losing weight does not deliver disappointments. The body gets rid of unnecessary gradually.

This has its plus: after all, stress in large quantities is harmful to the human psyche. Each of us is exposed to it every day. By the way, against stress, meditation helps a lot, especially as it helps you to become more beautiful.

Feng Shui Food

Depending on what time of year you were born, in the eastern teachings you are assigned a certain element. Spring is the element tree, summer corresponds with the element of fire. Earth element given time of late summer, metal — autumn.

The last element, water, corresponds to winter. Based on this knowledge, you can also build your diet correctly, and, accordingly, lose weight.


Desirable acidic foods and those that are prepared with the addition of vinegar. It is also necessary that the food be beautifully served, since your main sense organ is your eyes. From meat, give preference to chicken, and from cereals — to wheat.

Of vegetables and fruits, leeks, ramson and plums will bring you the greatest benefit.

the fire

If your food has a bitter taste, then it is perfect for you. It is useful for you as anyone to drink a small portion of good wine a day or use recipes where it is included. Among all the cereals, you should choose corn, and the ideal meat for you is lamb. You can get the largest amount of vitamins from apricot and spinach.

Very good, if the time of your meal you will have a pleasant conversation.


Do not refuse in any way from the sweet. It is this taste that has the most beneficial effect on you. One of the most useful products for you is honey.

Any red fruit is perfect. The greatest benefit of cereals you can get by eating rye. Meat that favorably reflects not only on satiety, but also on the figure is veal.

Gourmets are widespread among the people of this element, so for complete satiation, prepare what you really enjoy.


Spicy food is perfect for you, and it is unlikely to be bad for the stomach in your case. It is advisable to add so many spices that the smell literally makes you feel hungry: smell is your strongest sense organ. Especially good, if among all the seasonings you choose ginger. The meat of any bird in combination with rice will be the best lunch for you.

The most useful vegetable for you is onions. From the fruit, select the peach.


Surely you have heard the saying that salt is white death. It is not valid for you: you need salty food. If you like pork, cook it with pleasure, because it is she who is the most useful meat for you.

Beans, peas or beans will turn out to be an excellent and useful side dish.

To achieve complete success and secure the result, do not forget to properly distribute the situation in the room and apartment. This will also help you with feng shui and the definition of zones on the Bagua grid. All the best, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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