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Influence of Feng Shui elements on the character and abilities of a person

Influence of Feng Shui elements on the character and abilities of a person

According to Feng Shui, people are governed by five elements. Their influence is reflected in the character, taste preferences and actions.

According to feng shui, people are controlled by five elements: water, earth, fire, metal and wood. Determining the element that controls you is simple. To do this, you need to define your Token.

The elements of the earth are Bull, Dragon, Goat. Water elements are born in the year of the Pig and Rat. The elements of fire include the Serpent and the Horse. To the metal — Monkey and Rooster.

The element of a tree is represented by the Rabbit.

Element of fire

Men who belong to this element are subject to change. They love adventures and are not averse to taking risks in order to receive the next “dose” of adrenaline, which is so necessary in their life. Leaders are by nature, they are energetic and able to lead people, do not recognize the rules and always pursue their personal goals, without needing the advice of others.

Often, the elements of fire try to avoid the problems of men; they leave them by all means. For them, moving forward is important, so in relationships they can be changeable.

Women tend to have male behavior, a sense of leadership in their blood, like impulsivity. They are faithful in love, but can drive their extravagant acts to mind. Women of the fire element do not tend to enter into conflicts, they try to avoid obstacles by a party so as not to be distracted from their own goals.

They are able to repel and put the offender in place capacious and offensive phrases.

Element of water

The men of this element are born diplomats. They are cunning and cunning, they know perfectly well what they want from life. Often they are ladies’ men and they strive to win as many beautiful women as possible. Men of water have flexibility, they perfectly adapt to new conditions, are open for communication, but only a select few people are allowed into their inner world.

Often, a striking trait of character is external carelessness and charm, which for testing are only a protective mask.

Women are distinguished by capriciousness and stubbornness. They are cunning by nature and have a wonderful imagination. They easily converge with the opposite sex and fascinate people, however, they often have the reputation of unfaithful women, which is not true to be checked.

The water element of women is distinguished by the desire for constancy and refusal to participate in any conflicts.

Element of earth

The elements of earth give men confidence. They are balanced, not prone to adventures and follow the arguments of logic. You can rely on them and not to doubt honesty. A striking trait of character is leisure and optimism.

They are accustomed to achieve their goals and not to succumb to difficulties. The men of the earth prefer a quiet and measured life, therefore they are often Monogamous and excellent family men.

Women are characterized by sensuality and striving for harmony, both to the inner world and to the outside world. They have an excellent sense of style, stubborn and capricious. Women of the land have a strongly developed sense of ownership, therefore in relations with a partner they are not inclined to give freedom to their chosen one. Often this tactic leads to conflicts due to jealousy.

Ladies of the earth are not inclined to take risks, but if necessary, they can commit acts that are not characteristic of them, mainly to get what they want.

Metal element

Men of this element are self-confident and able to prove their case to anyone. They are ambitious, but their ambitions can grow into ruthlessness and selfishness. They are distinguished by unshakable faith in their own superiority and uniqueness, which help them to achieve success in their life journey.

However, when achieving goals, men of metal are rarely capable of joy and emotion, preferring immediately to take up new things.

Women of this element are strong in character, able to compete with men. They are self-confident and principled, therefore they follow the set goal with enviable obstinacy and obvious success. In relationships, they often take the role of dominance, suppressing their will to a weaker partner.

Often selfish and striving to achieve the ideal in all that they do.

Wood element

Men of this element are subject to emotions, they strive to live in a voice not of the mind, but of the heart. Often exhibit altruistic inclinations, capable of self-sacrifice. In a relationship, however, they prefer to take the lead, but do not like to solve complex problems, trying to get away from them.

Tree men prefer to have a circle of trusted people, with whom they are not afraid to be themselves.

The women of the tree are malleable, beautiful, and honest. They are distinguished by a love of beauty, a craving for justice. However, women of the tree can stand up for themselves, to prevent conflicts in a timely manner.

Fully disclosed only to loved ones, preferring to wear a mask of indifference in society.

Every human character is unique, because a lot depends on the upbringing and environment of a person since childhood. However, some of the characteristic features of the elements still appear. It is in your power to cultivate the best qualities in yourself by suppressing the negative. We wish you happiness and good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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