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How to lose weight with the help of feng shui

How to lose weight with the help of feng shui

Experts in the field of Feng Shui argue that the positive energy of Qi exists not only in space, but also in our organisms. It turns out that if we activate the Qi energy within ourselves, we can achieve inner harmony and health. It turns out that with the help of feng shui you can lose weight.

Feng Shui Diet — very effective, and, surprisingly, very simple and gentle. This nutrition program is based on five elements of Feng Shui.

First of all, it is necessary to determine their belonging to one or another element according to Feng Shui. It is very simple. It all depends on the year of your birth. If the year of birth ends by 0 or 1 — your element is Metal.

If on 2 and 3 — Water. If on 4 and 5 — Tree. If on 6 and 7 — Fire.

If at 8 and 9 — Earth.

After you figure out your element, you can go to the list of those products that will help you lose those extra pounds. To put your body in order and adjust all the processes of your body, you need to eat only those products that activate Qi energy in your body based on the elements of Feng Shui.

Element of Water. The use of such vegetables as potatoes, carrots, beans, peas, onions, cabbage and all green vegetables will help energize the positive energy of people of this element. From fruit it is recommended to use persimmon, grapes, apples, pears, quince and dried fruits. Meat that has a beneficial effect on the body of people of the Water element is pork, lamb and chicken.

Of the cereals are useful buckwheat, corn and barley. Milk is also helpful.

Elements of Wood. For those born under this element, experts on feng shui recommend eating potatoes, beets, celery, beans and peas from vegetables. Fruits that are beneficial to their body are apples, pomegranates and dried fruits. Meat is beef, lamb and rabbit.

Of the cereals — it is buckwheat, rye and millet. Do not abuse dairy products in large quantities.

Element of Fire. The following vegetables and fruits will help energize Qi energy: potatoes, tomato, parsley, pumpkin, cabbage, watermelon, plum and melon. The meat that should be consumed is chicken and turkey.

Of the cereals will be useful: barley, wheat and rice. In addition, the use of good milk and butter.

Earth element. For those who were born in the year of this element, experts recommend eating more potatoes, radishes, garlic, and onions. From fruit: sour apples, oranges, lemons, tangerines and quince. Meat: beef, lamb and fish.

Healthy grains: rice, millet, corn. Permitted use of fermented milk products.

Metal Elements. To activate the energy that promotes weight loss, you need to eat more cabbage, onions, asparagus, cucumbers and carrots. Useful fruits: bananas, white grapes, white varieties of apples, melons and watermelon.

From meat: goose, fish, horse meat. From cereals: rice, millet, wheat. All dairy products without exception are useful.

Strengthen the effect of this diet, you can use the energy of Yin and Yang. All products are divided into two components: Yin (wet, cold and sweet) and Yang (dry, hot, salty). In the summer, it is best to consume Yin energy products, and in winter — Yang. Yin includes cereals, vegetables and sweet fruits.

Energy Yang possess fish, meat, sour fruits and milk.

The uniqueness of this diet is that it does not limit almost nothing. Normal diets generally prohibit certain foods. Of course, such diets give good results: the body takes shape, those extra pounds go. But a minus of such diets is that together with excess weight the energy necessary for life also goes away.

Nutrition according to Feng Shui offers a slightly different diet option: you eat the food that corresponds to your element (unless, of course, it is not contraindicated to you for health reasons), you lose weight, plus you gain positive energy. And to make the diets more productive, do not forget to press and

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