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How to draw love feng shui

How to draw love feng shui

There are several basic rules for bringing love into your life. Experts in the field of feng shui are convinced that the situation in the bedroom has a strong influence on privacy. Let’s look at some tips and find out what love can attract?

Who knows, maybe these methods will help you meet your soul mate tomorrow!

The first thing you need to do in your bedroom is to remove all your photos in which no one is with you. Narcissism here is no longer appropriate. Even if your photos hung on the walls and placed on the shelves, everyone is delighted, they still need to be removed.

If you want to find your soul mate, your photos in splendid isolation will only hinder this. Instead, decorate the bedroom with paired items. For example, put on the shelf two figurines of doves or other decor items.

A total of two — it should be your main principle in the transformation of the room.

Get familiar with your closet. Want to find the man of your dreams as soon as possible? Then make room for him in the closet. Leave at least a few hangers and at least a small corner in the bedside table empty.

This will surely attract new relationships to you.

According to love feng shui, there must be male energy in the bedroom. To do this, bring in the interior of your room black, gray, blue and dark green. The masculine emit well metal.

Make sure that there are as many metal objects in the room as possible. If there are a lot of light shades in your bedroom and pink pillows and teddy bears decorate the bed, love will not soon settle in your heart.

The bed on which you sleep, must be double. If you sleep on one pillow, then be sure to put next to the second. The universe will appreciate your soul cry properly and give you love.

Pay particular attention to the far right corner in your room. According to feng shui, this place is a zone of love. This angle must always be kept clean. Take care that it is always well lit.

Free this place from unnecessary trash and old things. Imagine this is your altar of love. Light red candles there, put paired figurines there, write words of love on a piece of paper and hang it in this zone.

Get rid of climbing plants in the bedroom. Also male energy can scare away cacti and ferns. Better decorate the bedroom with rosemary, peonies, camellia and hibiscus — these indoor flowers emit a love of energy that will guide you in the right direction and help you open up for new relationships.

Do not forget the incense. There are certain oils that attract love. These are aromas of jasmine, ylang-ylang, roses and geraniums.

These oils will help you to tune in to a new life, which will certainly be full of love and happiness.

The last thing that experts recommend feng shui is a wish card. Take old magazines and newspapers, cut out the images of a man and a woman you like, put them on a paper and hang them all in a love zone. Write on the wish card in detail what you want to get from the relationship and what kind of person you would like to see next to you.

Thoughts are material, and on paper they will become even more energetic.

These ways will help you find love in your heart and find your soul mate. The main thing is not to doubt for a minute that you are able to love and be loved! And in order that love never leaves you, press the buttons and

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