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How to create a vase of wealth: attracting money for Feng Shui

How to create a vase of wealth: attracting money for Feng Shui

The most powerful possess talismans, made with their own hands. They are able to attract into your life not only material well-being, but also harmony in relationships.

A vase of wealth, or, in other words, a bowl of abundance, is present in all Eastern peoples and is usually kept in plain sight. It is able to attract an excess of material and spiritual wealth. It depends on what you put in the vase when you create it. Some want well-being, others prefer harmony in the family, others want good health.

Having created such a bowl, it is necessary to place it in a certain place in an apartment endowed with the most powerful energy.

If you want material well-being, it is better to hide the vase from prying eyes. And if your goal is happiness in the family, then the talisman should be placed in the most prominent place. An important point that must be remembered: the talisman bowl activates its power from communicating with the creator.

You must tell the talisman about your successes every time. For the greatest power in the vase, you can put other talismans, attracting love and wealth.

How to create a vase of wealth

For a start it is worth deciding on what exactly you will focus on when creating the abundance bowl. If you want prosperity, love and prosperity to come into your life, then you need to find a round vase with a wide bottom. If you wish that no one could deprive you of the benefits acquired, then the cup should be a narrow vessel with a narrowing neck.

The cup can be made independently or bought.

It is best to choose a light-colored vase from wood, ceramics, porcelain or metal. But if you liked any cup with its beauty — immediately buy it: it means that you have found your energetic connection.

First of all, you should put good luck symbols on the vase. It is necessary to clean the bowl with aromatic candles or chopsticks: it is enough to hold the flame on all sides of the talisman. This is done so that evil forces do not fall into your vase. Be sure to step back from household troubles and concentrate on creating an amulet all the vital energy with the help of the eastern horoscope.

Replace bad thoughts on bright dreams of your soon well-being. Stay in the most convenient and brightly lit place, taking with you everything you need.

According to the rules of feng shui, the vase of wealth should not be empty, but you shouldn’t fill this strongest amulet with anything. You will need:

  • The fruits of the earth. You will need three small red bags in which you put cereals or cereals (buckwheat, beans, wild rice, millet, peas, etc.). If you wish, you can cover them with golden paint. It is advisable to place in each bag a variety of only one breed so that confusion does not arise.
  • Coins. The number of coins depends on the volume of the vase: you can put there from three to nine coins at the bottom in a circle. For the best effect, it is better to put gold coins tied with a red thread in the bowl, or to buy Bagua coins with eight hieroglyphs. They are able to preserve wealth inside the house. Commemorative coins will also serve as a beautiful amulet — they symbolize unexpected luck.
  • Feng shui crystals. You can buy them in specialized stores. They are not mandatory items to fill your vase, but are able to increase the favorable flow to achieve wealth, as well as attract positive energy and protect your home from adversity.
  • The deities. These are any favorite figures that symbolize prosperity and prosperity. Be sure to put them face to themselves, and they will give your home and family a speedy material well-being.
  • Photos of people, who, in your opinion, have achieved significant results in life.
  • Cutouts from newspapers and magazines what you want for yourself. For example, a luxury mansion, a yacht, expensive cars, gold watches.
  • Land from the site of a rich man. It is advisable that he himself gave you the soil in a bag with good intentions.
  • It will not be superfluous in your vase and real bill, just be sure to put it in a pouch or money bag. There is a belief that the number 988 is well attracted by wealth. You can put exchanged bills to make a total of 988, or have three separate bags with money amounts of 9, 8 and another 8 rubles (dollars, euros).

It is necessary to fill the vase to the brim and tie it with laces of different colors: red, blue, green, yellow, white. As soon as material well-being appears in your life, you should start making a new vase, which will be larger than the previous one.

It is necessary to have her house in an energetically strong place, which is located in the south-east. Well, if in this sector you have a bedroom, a nursery or a kitchen: there is the most powerful energy flow that can help your incomes grow.

If, while creating a vase of wealth, you followed all the rules, then there is no need to worry about material and spiritual prosperity soon — it will not take long to wait. If you already have talismans that attract good luck, you can also put them in your abundance bowl for maximum effect. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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