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How to choose a wallet for Feng Shui

How to choose a wallet for Feng Shui

The choice of the wallet must be approached with the utmost seriousness. His condition can greatly affect the financial situation and make a difference not for the better. Learn how to choose a purse, guided by the rules of Feng Shui, and do not miscalculate with prosperity.

6 rules when choosing a wallet

Feng Shui masters share simple rules that work smoothly when buying and choosing a wallet. Even a minor nuance can affect the monetary energy. The acquisition of a new purse is not just a pleasant purchase, but an important event.

  • The best material for such a thing is natural. Live energy attracts much more money and a positive effect on finances.
  • Do not purchase a purse of cool blue shades. Such colors are a symbol of water, that is, of diminishing energy. But the red, brown or black wallet will always be full of bills.
  • Before buying, carefully inspect the product. It should not be scuffed or holes. A defective wallet will ruin the money aura.

  • In the wallet must be a compartment for small items. By putting together paper bills and small change, you contribute to a sharp decrease in cash.
  • Pay attention to the fastener: it should open easily. If the wallet is hard to open, the money will be difficult to get inside.
  • Choose a purse with gold fittings: it will become your symbol of wealth and well-being.

When and how to buy a wallet on Feng Shui

Going for an important purchase, you need to take into account a lot of points and think through each step. In Feng Shui, it is believed that the wallet should be bought during the growing Moon. This phase is characterized by strong energy accumulation and stay.

A purchase made at this time will lead to the achievement of material benefits.

It should be more careful to choose the day of the week. The best way to buy a wallet is sunday — it is under the auspices of the sun. A purse purchased on Sunday will be a real money magnet.

Choosing the right time, it is worth remembering that for the wallet you need to go alone, without making any other purchases. All your thoughts should be focused on an important acquisition.

In the store you need to follow simple recommendations from the masters of feng shui. Do not take a wallet from the storefront: ask the seller to get a product that has not yet been shown to other people. Alien energy can be unfavorable and greatly harm your aura.

Do not give the seller money in hand, better put the bills on the cashier. Otherwise, the monetary energy of the wallet will remain in the store. Immediately after the purchase, place a coin or bill in the purse so that the wallet “knows” its true purpose and immediately attracts wealth.

Feng Shui teaching takes its roots in ancient times, and over the centuries-old period this practice has become very effective. Using the recommendations and advice, you get a wallet that will never be empty. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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