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How to attract well-being to the house: the main rules of Feng Shui

How to attract well-being to the house: the main rules of Feng Shui

For over 3,000 years, Eastern Feng Shui philosophy has been enriched with special tips for everyone who wants to make their home more comfortable. Well-being in the house is very important.

In the modern world, a house does not play such a great value for people as it did in antiquity, because we spend less and less time like this. But this does not mean that the house should not be made brighter from an energy point of view. You need to know what things will bring happiness, and from which it is better to get rid of.

In Feng Shui, there are several special rules, thanks to which you can improve the homely atmosphere and attract only positive energy into your home.

The rules of feng shui, which can not be forgotten

Rule one: Keep your home clean. This is the most important rule, which should not be forgotten. Wash dishes in time, wipe dust and keep all things in their places.

Otherwise, you can expect serious problems with health and mood. In a clean house is always more comfortable, so train yourself to order.

Rule two: clean air — the key to a good mood. Air the room once a day to get less tired and get better sleep before work. They say that it improves brain activity, enhances intuition.

Rule Three: Place the light source in the corridor as close as possible to the door. The light should fall right on the door. This will scare away evil spirits and allow you to normalize sleep.

You will see less nightmares.

Rule Four: try to keep as few prickly plants as possible in the house. If you have problems with enemies, then one cactus on the window can solve the problem, but there’s absolutely no reason to keep more than one at home.

Fifth Rule: in the bedroom is better not to have a computer, television and workplace. Also in the bedroom should not be water, except, of course, a glass of water on the bedside table. The bedroom should be only a bed and a closet with a minimum amount of things.

The furniture should be rectangular. In this case, the smaller the total area of ​​the room, the better. This is the most important part of the house, in which there is no place for excesses.

Rule Six: There should not be a lot of red things in the bedroom. The colors of this room should be mundane, calm. It may be white, gray, pale green, brownish.

Rule Seven: the kitchen should not be mirrors. All brooms, mops and detergents keep in the bathroom. The kitchen is a gathering place for a family, a place to eat, so there should not be a TV there either. Now it is very popular to put the TV in the kitchen, but this is fundamentally wrong.

No one and nothing should interfere with the harmony of the kitchen.

Rule Eight: in the workplace and in the living room, you can put the pyramid of the correct form. They will concentrate in themselves a positive energy and give it to you when you are around.

Rule Nine: in the center of any room should not be anything extra, no furniture. This applies to the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. The center of any room is a place of free circulation of Qi energy.

Rule Eleventh: in front of the entrance door must hang a red ribbon. It will scare away evil spirits and preserve the peace of people living in the house.

Rule Twelve: in no case do not use pictures with violence, war, blood and so on to decorate the house. Pictures should reflect your creative desires. This may be the sea, forest, mountains in the bedroom; family portraits in the living room; images of money in the offices.

Rule thirteenth: do furniture rearrangement when you feel you need to change something in life. This will help you restructure, start new business and plan something for the future.

Rule Fourteenth: Be sure to throw away trash, spoiled food, unnecessary things. You can not keep at home what is not useful to you ever. Even if you keep all unnecessary things away from your eyes, nevertheless the negative will appear where you do not expect it.

Rule Fifteenth: the berth should be free and clean. Do not place furniture too close to the bed. Sharp corners should not be aimed at the bed.

Rule Sixteenth: try to use incense sticks and candles more often, so that a pleasant aura always prevails in the house.

Rule Seventeenth: use two to three colors in each room. It makes no sense to use more, but less is impossible When a room is absolutely monotonous, the energy of Qi in it is simply lost.

In this case, the lower part of the rooms should be made in dark colors, and the top — in light.

Each of the above rules is not difficult to implement. All of them together will help you to make your home the abode of happiness and bright energy. Do not bypass these rules if you want to turn your home into a pleasant place and conducive to creation.

The rule decorated house will always help you get rid of stress and find the strength to move forward. This is your fortress, your defense, so try to work on it first. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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