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How to attract money and good luck for Feng Shui

How to attract money and good luck for Feng Shui

The Chinese Feng Shui teaching helps to find a flow of favorable energy and direct them in the right direction. Proceeding from this, you can create an ideal atmosphere in the house and change your destiny. Learn how to use Feng Shui to attract well-being and wealth.

How to attract wealth for Feng Shui

The area that is responsible for the money in the houses and apartments is at the end of the room, in the extreme left corner. This place should be taken carefully and carefully. Do not allow there disorder, do not let this corner gathering dust.

It is best to put a money tree in it, but a fountain will work well too. This zone is not intended for sleep; having arranged a bed there, you will combine two different streams of energy, which will be difficult to be in one place.

In the area responsible for finances, you can not place the picture, which depicts a large amount of water, and put creeping flowers: all this contributes to the «care» of money from home.

Remember that you can not keep defective appliances and broken things, it does not positively affect your financial situation. Pay attention to the front door: according to Feng Shui, it should be easy to open, in no case should it creak or be reflected in the mirror. All this blocks the entry of energy into the house.

Feng shui masters are advised to avoid the help of guests when cleaning the apartment and washing dishes. Especially you should not trust the household chores of the woman who came to the house. Thus, wealth and well-being are taken away from you.

Do not forget about the symbols of prosperity in Feng Shui: goldfish, grapes and a frog with a coin in your mouth. Put a few coins in the mirror so that the money is reflected, it will increase your capital. Be careful with your wallet.

Wanting to gain financial well-being, do not overdo it, do not chase after money you don’t need.

How to draw luck on feng shui

The first thing that feng shui masters claim is that there should be order in the house, it is difficult to lure luck in a dirty house.

In Chinese science, water is a symbol of success. You can buy a home aquarium, which you need to put on the south-east side. Do not forget to regularly clean the container and change the water.

Fish there is better to run gold, ideally 9 pieces.

Another symbol of luck in Feng Shui is the ship. You need to place it nose inside the house. This will show the way of positive energy. A sailboat or a ship will positively influence your career.

To enhance the effect, place a coin and a piece of red cloth on the deck.

Create your own wishboard, write all your dreams and describe them in as much detail as possible. Do not skimp on the illustration. All your plans for the future should hang in a prominent place.

Strive to always have a positive attitude in the house. Smile often, especially when you see your reflection. Try to avoid conflicts and quarrels. We wish you well-being and prosperity and do not forget to press the buttons and

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