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Feng Shui Wishes Card: How To Attract Money

Feng Shui Wishes Card: How To Attract Money

A wish card is the easiest and most effective way to fulfill your wishes. As a rule, it is compiled in order to attract in your life and financial wealth, and career success, and family well-being, and health. However, few people know that such a wish card is somewhat slow.

Your dreams will certainly come true, only you have to wait.

The time for the fulfillment of desires is delayed because you depict all the spheres of your life on the desire map: work, personal life, travel, and so on. The energy of your thoughts from this is filled, and the Universe does not know what to undertake: to attract health to you, or first make you rich?

We suggest you use a new card of desires that will help you achieve success in a matter of days. For example, attract money.

How to make a wish card for financial growth

A method of making a wish cash card is similar to creating a regular Feng Shui card. Take a sheet of drawing paper. Unnecessary magazines, your photos, which are not sorry to cut, bank notes and coins.

From all this you will make a wish card that will attract money to you.

Write your name and the date of the wish card creation at the top of the paperman. At the bottom write the date to which you want the fulfillment of your desire. Want to get rich in a week, maybe three days? Then mark it in your map.

Pictures for the desire card cut from magazines and newspapers. Take photos of what you want to have and stick it all on the paper paper.

Do not forget about your photos! You must portray yourself rich and successful on your wish card. Show more imagination, the more colorful and fuller your card is, the better.

Next you need to include money in your card. Take a few bills and coins and stick them all over the draw paper.

Feng Shui Wishing Card is ready. However, this is not all. In order for it to attract money, you need to hang it up correctly and follow a few simple rules for contacting it.

Where to hang a Feng Shui wish card

A wish card needs to be hung above your bed. There she will be the most active and will be able to attract money to you.

In order for the wish fulfillment card to function, you need to look at it every morning and imagine that you already have all the material benefits you have thought of. And in the evenings you need to touch the card with your left hand each time and say the following phrase to yourself: «I attract money».

Another wish card can be hung in the office or the place where you work. So it will not only attract money, but also help you achieve success in your career. If you are afraid of the oblique views of your colleagues or simply do not want anyone to see your wish card, then put it on your desk.

Although it will be out of your reach, it will still attract money.

According to Feng Shui supporters, it is very useful to store a wish card at work. If there is an important event, a business deal or a meeting ahead, then you just have to look at it, and the day will go well.

With the help of the Feng Shui wish card, you can attract not only money, but anything you want. To do this, you need to devote it to the desired event or sphere of life. For example, if you want to attract Feng Shui love, then depict what symbolizes this deep feeling, and do not forget to present the chosen one in your painting. Wish you good luck and do not forget to press the buttons and

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