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Feng Shui: what colors attract money

Feng Shui: what colors attract money

Eastern Feng Shui philosophy helps to understand the processes around us, in terms of energy. The wisdom of this teaching says that color therapy is a great way to attract money.

Each color has its own special energy. All schools of psychology fully agree with this, which also note the fact that colors are able to awaken in us a wide variety of feelings, ranging from fear and ending with love. Some colors are provocateurs, and some, on the contrary, reassure the person.

Earlier we wrote about 12 rules that help to preserve energy. This is the basis to which a color stimulation method can be an excellent complement.

Color action mechanism

Money is not attracted by the color itself, but by the consequences of its influence on a person. Each shade has its own capabilities, which are defined by the Universe. It is very easy to understand, because each of us understands that an excess of red, for example, is very unnerving, pulls out, provokes.

Imagine white walls — they are completely neutral, but there is a feeling that something is missing. If you paint the walls yellow, then with your mood, maybe everything will be fine, but try to imagine how difficult it will be to focus on things in such a house.

Opinions of feng shui specialists and psychologists do not differ, but they have different explanations for the mechanisms of influence. From the point of view of feng shui, Qi energy is involved in attracting good luck in money and in any other area of ​​life, which requires special methods to attract. Psychologists believe that the color itself has a special power, which helps luck to find the way to us.

What colors attract money on feng shui

Top cash shades: red, blue, black, orange. Red color improves the circulation of Qi energy in the home. Use it to ensure that luck is always with you. There are several ways to do this:

Method one: red ribbons. Hang the red ribbons before entering the apartment. The line from the front door to the window or wall is the main vein along which all the energy flows to the house.

Hanging red ribbons so that they hang freely from the ceiling, you attract good luck to your home. Accordingly, this success can be sent in any desired direction.

Method two: red color clothes. The red color excites the nervous system, which causes a competitive spirit in people. That is why red is the most popular color among manufacturers of sports cars.

In addition to red, you can also use blue shades that improve memory, thinking and sharpen intuition. This color is suitable for those who are engaged in mental work and is not going to engage in battles for career growth. Blue shades will help you come up with something unique or just focus on a complex project. The black color, about the magic of which we wrote earlier, will not bypass either, since it helps to impress the people around.

He speaks of some secret hidden in you. This can be used in moments of important negotiations, business meetings. Resort to using not one color, but their totality.

Dilute each color with other shades, as it is more aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient.

Third way: use of red talisman stones. Feng shui sages believe that red jasper, ruby ​​and pomegranate bring incredible financial luck to their owners. If you are at home, put these stones near the mirror in the hallway. Also, the mirror is desirable the presence of coins and figures of three-legged toad or dragon.

When you go out to the street or go to work, these stones-talismans should be near you. They do not have to be worn as decoration — it is enough that they are close to you.

The rest of the colors can be used in addition to creating a style also in creating the interior of the house. Blue is suitable for a study, black for the living room, orange and red for the bedroom. Light shades should be placed higher than dark ones, as this will allow negative emotions to remain below without disturbing your mind.

Psychology tips

By and large, psychology has the same view of the magic of color as Feng Shui, but there are a couple of important points that should be mentioned.

First, psychologists advise you to choose the color of clothes depending on your mood and circumstances. Red can make you irritable when you’re at the limit and ready to explode. Black can force colleagues and partners to take you too seriously, and blue to send you on the wrong track, making it impossible to advance your career.

Secondly, it is not always a certain shade that can cause specific feelings. Your confidence and energy level also play an important role. Don’t expect a black suit to do all the work for you.

He can help, but hoping for salvation in a difficult situation only him alone is not worth it.

We wish you good luck and successful knowledge of color therapy. It will help you relieve stress, attract luck, boost energy or just improve your mood. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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