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Feng Shui: the impact of pets on the energy of your apartment

Feng Shui: the impact of pets on the energy of your apartment

In the modern world, almost every person has a pet. According to feng shui, not every pet has a beneficial effect on the energy of your home. However, many animals are able not only to bring joy to the household, but also to improve the energy background of the apartment.

Each animal is unique in nature and energy. Even touching them gives us joy and uplifting. Many people think that it is impossible to communicate with pets, but it is not.

Pets feel our experiences and always know what we want to keep silent about.

The art of feng shui teaches people to take care of the energy of their apartment. According to this teaching, even pets can affect the energy of our home. Our ancestors domesticated animals for specific purposes and relied mainly on intuition. Currently, pets help us get rid of loneliness.

We become attached to them as to people, and daily we give them our love and care. Perhaps they bring us no less good. You can learn about it now.

How pets affect the energy of the house

Animals not only give us positive emotions and improve our mood. They create harmony in the house and clean it of negative energy. In addition, they relieve households of insomnia and worries and even take away the diseases of their owners.

However, the most important thing is that they are able to give you love without demanding the same in return. It remains to find out which pet is best for you in feng shui.

Cats. In terms of energy, the cat is the most powerful animal. They are able to clean the house of negative energy, to protect it from evil spirits and other creatures from the astral world. In appearance, cats seem calm and lazy, but in fact they are always on the alert.

As soon as they feel that something threatens them or their masters, they immediately become brave defenders. Owners of cats have repeatedly noticed that their pet can suddenly wake up and go to a certain area of ​​the apartment. This suggests that your house was visited by unclean forces, and your pet is simply trying to expel them and protect the household from their effects. In addition, cats are able to ward off trouble from the owners and even save them from death.

Cats have a well-developed intuition, and they can feel the danger in advance. If during the day your four-legged friend is in a restless state and constantly approaches you, you should not ignore him. Most likely, he is trying to warn you about the upcoming trouble.

Dogs. This animal is not only the best friend of man, but also a source of positive energy. In the house where there is a dog, joy, happiness always reigns, and households quarrel much less.

Some breeds of dogs have a beneficial effect on the home atmosphere, harmonizing it. Just touching the dog will increase your vitality and give you strength. Like cats, they can warn people of danger, but they do it on a mental level.

If the dog came to you and lay down next to you, be sure to stroke it. This way you can find out what she wants to tell you. Feng Shui specialists recommend that dogs be given a little more time than other pets. The evil dog is a generator of problems and negative energy.

If your pet shows aggression, take care of it. Being kind and cheerful, dogs are able to bring good luck and well-being into the house.

Fishes. Many people give birth to fish, because they do not require special care and increased attention. However, their main advantage is not this. According to feng shui, an aquarium located in the money zone of an apartment (in the southeast) attracts wealth and financial well-being to the house.

Fishes symbolize stability and create peace and harmony in an apartment. If the household began to clash too often, get at least a small aquarium with fish. Soon you will notice that the relationship between your loved ones has become much better.

Do not forget to take care of the aquarium, so that only positive energy prevails in your house.

Birds — a symbol of wisdom. Feng Shui masters recommend that birds be made to people who suffer from a lack of information. The feathered creatures will enhance the information field of your home and activate the intellectual process of the household. However, the energy of birds will conflict with the energy of cats or dogs, so keeping these animals in the same house is not recommended.

In addition, if you keep the bird along with other pets, it threatens to violate the home aura. It is important and correctly position the cell. Proceeding from feng shui, the most suitable place for it is on the southeast side of your house, since this is where all the positive energy of your home is accumulated.

In this case, the bird will only strengthen it.

Rodents As a rule, these pets live by themselves. They are calm, quiet and do not require the attention of the owners.

Then what impact do they have on the energy of the apartment? If you decide to have a rodent, then first you need to choose a suitable place for the cage. As in the case of birds, the cage should be located in the south-east.

Putting it on the east side is strictly prohibited. It is in this zone that a huge amount of negative energy accumulates, and your pet may get sick from its impact. Experts feng shui and do not advise to keep in the house of rodents.

It is believed that they attract failures, inhibit the material and spiritual growth of the household and can weaken the energy of your home. If you want to have a pet, but you do not have time to take care of a cat or dog, you can give preference to fish or turtles.

Turtles Despite the slowness and slowness of the turtles, they are a symbol of movement. It is recommended to start them up to goal-oriented people who are striving for new achievements and victories. According to the laws of Feng Shui, a turtle is a good luck charm.

In any endeavors, they will bring you success and give confidence. Due to the length of their lives, they promise longevity to their owners and teach the household of wisdom. They emit extremely positive energy, but, as is the case with other pets, it is important to correctly position the aquarium with a turtle. Due to their strong energy they are able to strengthen any sector of your apartment: it all depends on what you really want to find.

Experts feng shui argue that the best turtle live in the northern part of the house.

Exotic animals. Despite the fact that exotic animals were tamed more often, feng shui masters do not recommend this. Such pets are energy vampires, which means that being in your house, they will take energy from its inhabitants. Especially their energy impact is detrimental to other pets, since the human biofield is much stronger than the energy background of the animal.

In addition, exotic animals require special conditions and complex care, due to the lack of which the pet’s health can be seriously affected.

The house is not just our fortress, it is an energetically strong place. Whether the energy of your home is positive or not depends largely on you. Thanks to the wisdom of feng shui, you can clean your house of negativity and make its energy positive. We wish you good mood and good health, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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