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Feng Shui Talismans: Love, Happiness, Money

Feng Shui Talismans: Love, Happiness, Money

Feng Shui is the oldest teaching about harmony and happiness, not only the soul, but also the body. What talismans will help harmonize the situation and attract love, good fortune and financial well-being? There are not so many universal charms that help in everything and at once, but it is not difficult to choose an amulet for a certain sphere of life.

In the life of each of us, situations periodically arise that require not only a serious approach, but also the intervention of forces from above. It often happens that we struggle with all our strength, try all possible options, but never achieve the result. And sometimes things even get worse. It is in such cases that talismans come to the rescue, who help to return the favor of luck.

Then all our efforts are not in vain, acquire meaning and bring the desired result.

In the Chinese religion talismans often become figures of the idols, which bring happiness and prosperity to the house. Such talismans are good in the walls of an apartment, but they will bring certain inconveniences if you always carry them with you. Therefore, in the practice of Feng Shui, many talismans from improvised means, charged in a certain way, were invented.

Love mascot

In Eastern practice, rose quartz is considered to be the most common love talisman. Any product made of this stone will help to find love or preserve the existing relationship.

In other religions, a red thread is sometimes used as a talisman for love, which must be worn on the left wrist. According to Chinese tradition, quartz should also be worn on the left side, for example, in a ring on the finger of the left hand. So he will be closer to the heart.

Happy mascot

Amulet, bringing happiness, can serve as a peacock feather. This bird is able to attract the views of others, and the amulet from its tail unit has the power to attract the attention of Fortune.

If you feel that the pen does not suit you, or for you his searches are certain difficulties, any thing you can act as a happy talisman. For example, when you took the exam or went to an important meeting that was crowned with success, remember what you were wearing. And it does not necessarily have to be a happy shirt, in which you need to go every day and in no case do not wash.

Feng Shui talismans are more tied to accessories, so pay attention to the earrings or wrist watches that were on you that day.

Talisman for financial independence

To attract money, you can buy a special money coin or a whole money tree in specialized stores. Or charge a regular coin, which paid a lot of people. Also for talismans for money, bills obtained from your first earnings or first major transaction are well suited.

Well suited suspension in the form of fish — in Feng Shui fish is associated with wealth. But do not take for this purpose the Pisces constellation zodiac mascot — the energy of the two teachings can cause conflict, and your little thing will not work. Much more effective will be a small photo of a goldfish embedded in a purse.

How to charge talismans on feng shui

All talismans are charged with energy in the same way, and if there is any special ritual or moment that needs to be remembered, he must sign in detail.

To charge the talisman, you must first clear it from the accumulated foreign energy. Cleaning is done with salt water or moonlight, in which the amulet must lie down for a while.

To charge your chosen item for good luck, you need to hold it in your hands and imagine that the desire has already come true. This is enough to get the information. To work well, the talisman should always be kept to yourself.

But sometimes not one, but immediately several situations arise in which not to do without the help of higher powers. To pick up a talisman for each situation at once is quite risky: they can come into confrontation with each other. Besides, a person hung with amulets in the conditions of modern life will look, to put it mildly, strange.

When you need help in several areas at once, you should think about a talisman that will combine the power of all the others.

Universal mascot for love, success and wealth

The talisman, which brings good luck in everything, is real, but it will take a little more time.

If you already have several talismans, and you want them to be in one place, not to be lost and to serve you well, you can make an original bracelet from them. This option is suitable for cases where you have many amulets of stones or other small objects, that is, gizmos from a similar material or size. Such a bracelet will connect from the circle — the ancient symbol of the union — and will become a powerful amulet.

Its components will mutually enhance the effect, and not neutralize it.

If you do not get all the charms, you can charge one talisman for everything you need. It is necessary to decide on the subject, and when you keep it in your hands, say to yourself three times the key words — to formulate the purpose for which this talisman is created. For example, “money, love, luck” or “career, money, health”.

As a rule, such a talisman takes longer to charge and needs more energy, therefore, using it, be ready to be patient and wait for the effect.

Do not be hung with all sorts of amulets and sit back. Talismans will not be able to do all the work for you, they are intended only to create the right situations and meetings, and you have to do the rest. Therefore, take care of yourself, believe in your own strength and in the power of Feng Shui and do not forget to press buttons and

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