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Feng Shui Door

Feng Shui Door

The door is an important part of your home. Through it, the house enters energy, both positive and negative. Learn how to open the door for all the best and not let the bad into the house with the help of Feng Shui.

In the home improvement door occupy a very important place. According to Feng Shui, they are responsible for the circulation of energy flows. If the look and color of the door is chosen correctly, the house owners will be prosperous, happy and happy.

How to choose a door for Feng Shui

It is not worth saving on purchasing an entrance door — it is considered to be the main element regulating the movement of the vital energy of Qi. To positive energy did not leave the room, the door is better to choose high-quality and massive. And to attract her to the house will help the correct choice of the color of the door, depending on the direction of the world to which it goes:

  • if the door looks to the East side — it should be in the green range
  • if the South — in red
  • North needs blue or black colors
  • Western colors are suitable for yellow

So, you follow the rules of the Circle of Creation, create a positive microclimate in the house.

Interior doors on Feng Shui should be different from the front door thickness and the presence of decorative elements. Their color range as well as the input elements depends on which sector of the house they are located.

How to attract prosperity to the house using doors

So that your house does not leave abundance, turn the door into a money talisman. According to Feng Shui, you need to do this. Inside the house, next to the door, hang a large mirror so that everyone who went out or entered the room could see their reflection in it and leave a piece of positive energy, since unpleasant guests are rarely invited to the house.

From the neighborhood with the front door, monetary energy will double and help reduce material difficulties, if any, in the house.

How to draw luck on feng shui

It is believed that the doors in the house, even located on Feng Shui, would be better to attract good luck if you hang musical bells over them, the so-called wind music.

Do not clutter up the doors with boxes and rubbish. This will interfere with the harmonious distribution of the flow of energy and may adversely affect the well-being of residents.

A sloppy door in a house can upset the balance of Yin-Yang, attract evil and negative energy flows. This will cause people to start having health problems and plans for the future may fail.

Remember that if it is impossible to replace the old doors with new ones, they can always be updated with the help of decor. To enhance the balance of different principles, it is recommended to paint the door in red or install gilded fittings. This will allow Qi energy to dominate over the negative. Be healthy, happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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