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Feng Shui cleaning: getting rid of the old, attracting new

Feng Shui cleaning: getting rid of the old, attracting new

According to feng shui, it’s absolutely impossible to keep old, broken and unnecessary things at home. Adherents of this philosophy strive to quickly clean up their living space, getting rid of all unnecessary things in the hope that the new will come in the place of the old.

But what about the fact that each thing has its own energy, you can say, the soul? Sometimes it’s a pity to part with your favorite slippers or, for example, throw away old clothes. And sometimes, on the contrary, we ruthlessly clean our house of unnecessary things, without even thinking about their «soul.»

Just imagine that you throw away without feelings and regrets an old sofa that has served you faithfully for several years. Now this is old stuff, junk, garbage, and after all, once we needed it, it was new, soft and so dear. In such cases, get rid, do not get rid of the thing, nothing new will come in its place, as it turns out that you disrespect your things, throwing them out without regret.

How to get rid of old things by Feng Shui? There are several recommendations.

  • Carefully and carefully take things, because they deserve your respect!
  • Throwing away an item you do not need or something that has failed or fashion, mentally say goodbye to him. Remember how this thing came in handy to you, and thank her for the fact that she once brought you a lot of good.
  • If you started a global cleaning and decided to get rid of a large amount of so-called junk at one time, then apartment Feng Shui recommends putting everything in one large container (package or box) and writing “thank you” on it. Thus, you express gratitude to things and save yourself from the loss of a large amount of time that you would spend on parting with each thing individually.

Do not forget the main rule of house cleaning according to Feng Shui — the process must always be positive. After all, getting rid of the old, you let in a new house. When the cleaning is finished, say happily: “Welcome, a new sofa, a wardrobe, a dress, etc.” (you can list everything that you have got rid of or what you are waiting for in your clean house). Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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