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Computer and Feng Shui

Computer and Feng Shui. How to protect yourself and equipment?

Feng Shui was created at a time when people were much closer to nature than today. Then there was no electricity, no cars, nor, of course, household appliances. However, today it is impossible to imagine a house without a computer.

Feng Shui specialists found how to find harmony with modern technology.

It is necessary to take into account that the computer is just “personal”, that is, it belongs to the same owner. Ideally, only one person is constantly working with one machine, because the computer in some way “gets used” to the owner. Remember that it, like all household appliances, enhances the energy invested in it.

Where to place the computer in Feng Shui

The most comfortable area for locating a computer is the north, the career zone. If you use it very often, then it will be able to activate this zone for you. The computer should not be in the bedroom, as it will interfere with the restoration of strength, especially if someone is working for him while another family member is sleeping next to him.

It is not advisable to install a computer in a children’s room, since children may not develop so harmoniously from this.

The computer can have the most negative impact if it is located in the reject zone, in the south-west. But do not worry if not desirable choice of place for the car. To avoid a bad influence, you can visually remove it from sight after the completion of work.

It is best to cover the computer with a cloth of the color in which zone it is located.

Zones and their colors are distributed as follows:

  • north — career, black;
  • northwest — helpers, gray;
  • West — creativity, white;
  • southwest — love, pink;

How to protect yourself from the negative

Do not forget that cleanliness is one of the main principles in feng shui. This applies not only to the external order — a neat mouse pad or a system block that has been dust-rubbed on time — but also to its informational content. Put in order the data that is entered in your computer; this will save time searching for them, and will attract positive Qi energy.

The ideal wallpaper will be a map of desires or a beautiful landscape, especially if it is an image of water. They can also be wavy lines or circles.

To neutralize the harmful effects of a computer, it is necessary to frequently ventilate the room. If you have a laptop, it is not advisable to put it on your knees. Large crystals next to the monitor will have a positive effect.

Clean the air near the plant’s computer well. To harmonize energy, put a pot with a flower in the working area.

Protecting yourself from the negative effects of computer radiation is not difficult, even if we are talking about applying ancient knowledge to modern technology. A computer can help you increase the positive flow of qi energy if you place it in the right place. Bless you, be harmonious and prosperous, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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