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Autumn Feng Shui: transforming the house, yourself and energy

Autumn Feng Shui: transforming the house, yourself and energy

Feng Shui is a Chinese teaching that will help you transform yourself and your home. Feng Shui will tell you how to attract positive energy and stay in a good mood even if it is raining outside.

Autumn is a time when it is possible and necessary to prepare for winter. Natalia Pravdina’s Feng Shui forecast will help you not to fall into autumn melancholy and depression, but rather to enjoy the last warm days. This Chinese teaching involves natural changes and processes that occur in the human body.

It is important to stock up on energy that will help you stay with a sufficient amount of physical and moral strength, even when blizzards are raging outside.

Color as a source of energy for Feng Shui

From time immemorial, man associated color with different qualities and endowed with special energy. There is even a whole direction that heals with color — color therapy. This method of treatment and influence on the human mind belongs to alternative medicine.

However, scientists have proven that, to a certain extent, different colors can actually affect a person’s condition.

This method can be used, for example, choosing clothes in the morning or viewing pictures of certain colors. Also, knowledge about the effect of color is used in the design of rooms. So in the case of repair, do not forget about them.

We suggest you pay attention to three colors that will help you stabilize your emotional sphere.

Yellow: Of course, it resembles the sun, and this one is already good, if there is a dull rainy day outside the window. According to feng shui, it symbolizes calm and creativity, helps to create an atmosphere for easy, pleasant communication. It’s not for nothing that optimists choose yellow color: it tunes in positive thoughts.

It is worth paying attention to if you often feel sad in the fall.

Golden: elements of this shade in clothes, as well as gold jewelry, will render service to all those who have succumbed to the autumn melancholy. With their help, stress is removed. Often it is he who becomes the cause of sadness and depressed mood in general. This is not surprising: after all, most people have rested in the summer, and since the beginning of autumn cannot enter the working pace.

It may be even harder for those who have not planned holidays for the summer: they will already need to have a rest, like water to fish.

Green: This color is reminiscent of the green foliage that we see every day in the summer. But it is not important. He does not raise his mood because of his association with greens. Even in antiquity, people noticed that it stabilizes mood and allows you to find harmony with yourself.

Green color activates concentration and even promotes harmonious relationships.

Autumn transfiguration home by feng shui

Three animals rule the fall: Rooster (September), Dog (October) and Boar (November). In accordance with the time of their strength can be activated in the house corresponding zones.

Rooster — zone of Glory (south)

Everything connected with fire is necessary for this zone: from a real fireplace to a flame image. Use more shades of red, yellow and orange. The flowers that will help you put this Zone into action — sunflowers and poppies.

Dog — area assistants (northwest)

This sector is activated with white and silver tones and rounded objects. The amulets that will help you enlist its positive energy are horseshoes and bells.

Boar — Wisdom Zone (Northeast)

Green and brown tones, as well as plants, will help you to facilitate learning and stimulate the desire for self-improvement. Since in the east the symbol of wisdom is the serpent, you can place the corresponding amulet in this zone.

If you use these simple rules of Feng Shui for the design of an apartment, you will definitely feel much better and attract good luck to your side. Energy Qi, the main force of Feng Shui, will freely circulate in your home, and the energy of the apartment will change before your eyes.

Feng shui teaching has spread so much around the world, because many were convinced of its effectiveness. Try it and you. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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