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April Feng Shui: expert advice and masters

April Feng Shui: expert advice and masters

Eastern teaching Feng Shui today known in many parts of the world. Feng Shui tips help you become more successful, richer and happier. But like any science, feng shui has its own subtleties and secrets.

What is feng shui

Feng Shui is a teaching on how to attract all the space around you, starting from your own bedroom and ending with a house and even a landscape near it. To do this, it is necessary to understand the flows of negative energy of Sha and positive Qi, to know the types of Qi, called Flying Stars, to have a house layout before your eyes, and much more. But the Feng Shui teaching is something that any newcomer can understand.

This will tell professionals.

To learn how to improve the energy of the house in April thanks to feng shui, you need to prepare a house. As the masters say, feng shui begins with work on the room, but it is not limited to this at all. At different times, different types of positive Qi energy are strong.

In April, it will be directed not to creation, but to awakening. This means that priorities must be given to the field of health, as well as areas of love and creativity.

Feng Shui in April: where to start

Always start with cleaning. Feng Shui does not tolerate confusion or clutter. This was said by the famous master of the teachings of Feng Shui Natalia Pravdina. This is indicated by all the other practices of this oriental knowledge.

Old, broken household items, gifts that no one uses, things you don’t like — all of this carries only negative energy.

It is necessary to start general cleaning in April from the corners and corners, which in each room are in the direction from the south to the west. It is there that the zones responsible for the creative potential of the tenants and for their love feelings are located. If there are problems in your family and if you are not satisfied with your place in life, especially pay attention to these parts of your house. Maybe this is where you have dusty mezzanines, balconies with odd skis, storage rooms with perennial jars of jam?

If so, then in April it’s time to put it all in order. Please note that the creative zone — the south — is also responsible for children. In a broad sense, she is the patron of everything that you have created, of all the fruits of your life.

Do not worry if there is a bathroom in the indicated direction in your apartment. Firstly, if the entire plumbing works safely, and the room itself is well maintained and tidy, there will be no problems. After all, energy can freely move to another part of the house.

Pay special attention to the center of the apartment. Nothing should stop him. If there you have a wall, closet, coat rack or some other obstacle that cannot be removed, make the space more favorable with the help of talismans. The health zone is the most important in April.

This year is a leap year, which means it is simply necessary to keep in order the physical well-being and spiritual health.

April Mascots on Feng Shui

There are talismans that are always useful. This is the music of the wind and the bells with red ribbons. They help to normalize the flow of energy in almost any area — provided that you are not overloaded with different amulets and amulets.

The southwesterly direction combines the energies of Earth and Fire, so the talismans of these elements will be the most favorable. Such talismans can be candles in clay candle holders, smoking rooms and incense sticks.

We wish you a happy April and a good continuation of the year. Remember that it is never too late to make the year happy, and life prosperous. We wish you happiness, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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