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12 most powerful talismans for home by Feng Shui

12 most powerful talismans for home by Feng Shui

How to create an atmosphere of heat in the house? How to attract well-being and money? How to strengthen family relationships? With all these issues, Feng Shui at home can handle it.

In order for luck to never leave your home, experts in the field of feng shui recommend having 12 strong talismans that will help you create a favorable environment in your home and solve personal problems.

Chinese red lanterns — This is a talisman that helps to find love and strengthen relationships. They must be kept in the love zone of Feng Shui — in the southwestern part of the house.

Dreamcatcher — This is a powerful protection from the negative in the house during the period when we sleep. The dream catcher is a talisman of the North American Indians, and he has nothing to do with feng shui, but he still needs to be kept at home in order to ward off evil spirits from himself during sleep. This talisman is best hung in the bedroom above the bed.

Horse figurine — a talisman for those who strive for a successful life and want a speedy career growth. The most important thing is that the horse statuette is directed upwards, and thus your career will tend to the top.

Fan — This is not only an elegant accessory, but also a powerful mascot. Especially it is necessary for those who have a lot of sharp corners in the house. As you know, sharp corners are sources of a cluster of negative energy in a house.

If you have a lot of angular furniture and sharp objects, then the fan will dispel the negative energy and convert it to positive.

Eagle — a talisman for those who set high goals. It is a talisman for ambitious people eager for fame, money and influence. If you put it in the zone of feng shui glory, that is, in the south side of the house, it will contribute to your personal growth and success.

A fish — This is a talisman to attract money. The fish figurine is best placed in the wealth zone — in the south-eastern part of the house. This talisman contributes to enrichment, attracts money to the house and protects savings from theft and loss.

Lotus — the mascot of wisdom and health. This charm is best kept in the center of the house, so that its effect is evenly distributed to all households.

Ship, Perhaps the most powerful talisman to attract life success and profit. A statuette in the form of a sailboat will help you find what you desire most. It is best to keep this talisman near the entrance door or near the window.

To fully activate it, you should put coins, bills, jewelry and jewelry and put it in the center of the house with your nose, thereby creating the appearance that the ship comes to your house and makes a profit.

The Dragon — A strong talisman that can bring both good luck in work and money, and improve the atmosphere in the house. It is a symbol of wisdom, success, life, development and well-being. It will work best in the eastern part of your home, which embodies development and financial success.

Fountain — a symbol of inexhaustible energy. This talisman helps to recuperate, relieves fatigue and gives energy for the whole day. In addition, it is well attracted cash flows into the house, as it is also a symbol of abundance.

Elephant — Feng Shui luck talisman. In order to attract success and luck, it must be placed next to the entrance door or by the window trunk, looking at the center of the house, so that it seems to bring good luck to the house from the street.

Threelegged toad — This is not only the most popular symbol in Feng Shui, but also the most effective. This talisman can be placed at the front door or placed in the southeast, in the zone of wealth. You should not store it in high cabinets and shelves, as it is believed that the toads are afraid of heights.

These talismans will be able to help you succeed in all spheres of life: in love, career and money. They will attract good luck and create an atmosphere of lightness, warmth and love in your home! Useful article? Then be sure to put and

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