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10 rules of feng shui that will help you become happier

10 rules of feng shui that will help you become happier

Feng Shui is an oriental philosophy and teaching that sets good goals for itself. Among those, it is possible to note an improvement in the quality of life, mood, and a rise in energy.

Feng Shui will help you become happier. There are many methods of attracting good in your life, but this philosophy did not appear overnight. It originated about 3000 years ago, and now is a collection of tips for those who want his life to be bright and beautiful.

Happiness is born inside and outside

Happiness is a complex, complex concept. It originates either very long or instantly. There is a quick happiness, which is manifested in the details: for example, when you found the products for the promotion or bought a new T-shirt, you made a haircut.

There is a long happiness when you achieve your life goals at the global level: professional recognition, desired position, popularity, success with others.

Love, image, luck at work, children, health — all these are external factors. There are also internal factors. To be precise, it is only one.

This is, of course, about self-tuning. When you are ready for happiness, when you believe in it, it comes to you much faster. Imagine what you believe in and what you want.

This is a bioenergy law of visualization that works flawlessly.

10 rules of feng shui for happiness

Feng shui teaching is mostly aimed at creating the right atmosphere at home, so most of the tips are related to this.

Rule one: more red. First, when you feel weak and depressed or approaching, you wear more red clothes. Put the red wallpaper on your desktop on your computer. It is not recommended to make a red interior of the house, because it is a color that requires proper use.

It should not be much and there should be the possibility of its complete exclusion. Secondly, red ribbons should hang in front of the entrance door in order to ward off negative energy. This rule is used in most homes in China and other eastern countries.

Happiness will be closer if the house is protected from negative energy flows.

Rule two: do not collect too much trash.. Garbage, old things, broken dishes — all this must be thrown away immediately, because such things have very bad energy. Such objects block positive energy waves and do not allow the positive to quietly circulate around the house.

This is very dangerous, because in homes with a huge amount of trash people get sick much more often.

Rule Three: Do not look into broken glasses and mirrors. Broken mirrors, windows and other surfaces of the reflective type should be thrown away or repaired immediately.

Fourth Rule: Carry your Talisman. Talismans are not necessarily something that Feng Shui itself advises. Talisman can be any object that you have associated with good luck, happiness.

This can be a photo of your second half, a ring, another decoration, a toy and so on. If you want a particular talisman, then a rooster, a toad is good for money, an elephant for health, a dragon, a tiger for work, a mandarin duck for love.

Rule Five: Do not return halfway. When you left home or work, and then suddenly remembered that you forgot something, you should not go back. This is not just a bad omen that has been known since antiquity.

In fact, according to the rules of feng shui, it is best to go the same way and not to return, because it is not good to go where your mark is left. The road should lie only forward.

Rule Six: As few as possible sharp corners.. Houses should have as few sharp corners as possible from furniture. This is very important because they greatly complicate the energy exchange of the home and person.

Even worse, when you sleep next to the corners, which are directed directly at you. Avoid this so that positive fibers do not leave your home and do not deprive you of happiness.

Rule number seven: if a problem can be solved, then there is no need to worry about it, if it cannot be solved, then it is useless to worry about it. This is one of the main Buddhist wisdom, which shares the teachings of Feng Shui. Be calm, then happiness will come to you.

If you can do something with the problem, then act, and if not, just forget about it as soon as possible. Only calm people are strong and truly happy.

Rule eight: do not point with your finger. This rule must always be observed. This gesture seems harmless, but to indicate, according to the sages, it is better to hand.

It will not deprive you of good luck.

Rule Nine: Do not leave anything empty.. This is particularly true, of course, of the wallet. There should always be coins. This can be attributed to the closet with clothes, to the chest of drawers, to the car, to the desktop and so on.

Avoid desolation, because it is harmful to the energy of things and at home, and therefore to your happiness.

Rule Ten: Say the word «no.» This Eastern wisdom is based on the energy of words. When you say no, you move away from happiness, because the connection with the center of the abundance of the Universe is broken.

The less often you say this word, the more chances there will be that luck will not leave you. Happiness is creation, not destruction.

It’s not so difficult to carry out all these rules, so the sooner you get used to it, the sooner happiness will come. Stay yourself, but with a few amendments from the teachings of feng shui.

Positive thinking is the key to success. Feng Shui teaches him the basics, his fundamental concepts. Take care of your home, as well as your body and inner world. I wish you happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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