How to order

1. It is necessary to you will send files (Photos) by mail of  snk555555@gmail .com13@a-i .pw .   It is possible to specify simply the link for downloading.

Number photos in figures in that sequence, as if you wanted them to see. The cover has to be at number – 1.  Admissible formats of photos – (gif, png, jpg, jpeg, pdf). It is more convenient  to pack files into Archives (g7z, zip, rar).

2. Write your wishes to the order.

3. We create an electronic photo album.   We send the link to viewing. We send you login and the password from your account  (private office)

4. You visit the website, you look through a digital photo album, you pay the order. The price is 10 (euros).

5. After payment you can download from the site a ready photo album in the section of a private office “Files for downloading”.  



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