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Why to take off a snake in the water: the correct decoding of the dream books

Why to take off a snake in the water: the correct decoding of the dream books

It appears on the planet there are more than three thousand species of snakes that live everywhere, from the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia and to the south of Australia. They can be found on all continents except Antarctica, and even deep under water and high in the mountains.

What dreams of snakes in the water, we learn in the famous dream books.

The snake bites not for the sake of satiety, but for the sake of dashing

The snake carries very universal symbolism. The ability to kill gives it the value of death, the destruction of all things, destruction.

It bites quickly and accurately, and the poison acts instantly, which reminds of snake cunning, deceit and cruelty.

It can reproduce itself, being both masculine and feminine. For women, such a sign of a fertilizing snake can bode a long-awaited pregnancy.

A quickly appeared and immediately disappeared creature reveals feminine mystery, mystery, unpredictability, intuitiveness.

Why to take off a snake in the water: the correct decoding of the dream books

Viper coagulated with rings is associated with the cycle of events, phenomena. Two snakes entwined around one stick in water or on land are the personification of good and evil, light and darkness, sickness and healing, wisdom and blind passion, life and death.

For men, this phallic symbol, which came in a dream, will strengthen its ability to fertilize and initiate a new life.

Since the snake lives underground, it has access to otherworldly forces and magic. A snake that changes its skin periodically personifies renewal, rebirth, resurrection.

Periodically creeping out to warm up, stretches to the sun, meaning a craving for spiritual development, for light, wisdom, knowledge.

In Christianity, the serpent is the tempter, Satan, who influenced the fall of man.

For the dreamer, this multi-valued symbol can mean a conflict between his positive and negative beginnings, uncontrollable energy, fortitude and keen intelligence, deceit, wisdom, cunning, ability to survive in difficult conditions, revive and be updated beyond recognition.

As for the snake in the water, it is rather a sign of secret knowledge, discoveries, knowledge of all earthly things. Water is the source of everything on the planet, it is associated with female matter, the womb of the universe, the waters of fertility, the source of life.

Poisonous snakes in the water do not bite, not that they do not want, just do not have the opportunity.

Therefore, for a person to sleep with snakes in the water can cause fear, fear, discomfort of horror, but it will still be a harbinger of grand events or a harbinger that you have gone too far and you should stop, think, think about what is happening around.

A woman, like a snake, sometimes changes the skin, but does not change the nature

An aquarium with runners in a dream is a sign of a brewing malevolent situation among your close surroundings. Envious women appeared, competitors who do not want to see you at the top of success, glory and will try their best to prevent this from happening.

Why to take off a snake in the water: the correct decoding of the dream books

Watch how two snakes float on one stick on the river — in reality a favorable period for creating a home, renovating your home, and conceiving a child. Peace will remain in the soul, peace. There will be a craving for creativity, reading positive literature, learning something new, creating.

A good period for good family values, traditions, rituals that you want to pass on to your children, grandchildren.

A man is sometimes like in a skillet

To swim among the vipers, but not to be afraid, but only to accelerate the pace of movement to land — the tests through which you will pass, will temper your character, having taught purposefulness, perseverance and endurance. All this will be the foundation for future development and career success.

Watching a poisonous creature crawling under the water is a good sign, promises a promotion, a business trip with the possibility of moving to a new place of residence.

Why to take off a snake in the water: the correct decoding of the dream books

Blue Snake — promises the dreamer rest in pleasant company and good luck in gambling.

The young snake has more poison, author dream books

Sigmund Freud

A snake analogy is drawn with a male penis and a female umbilical cord, thereby uniting the male and female in one being. For a man, a dream where snakes meander in water means the highest phase of his sexual activity for conceiving a child.

The moment when your desires and opportunities to have healthy and strong offspring coincide.

Women seeking to escape from the snake in the water, sleep predicts unwanted pregnancy, you can avoid this by refraining from sexual intercourse during this period.

If what you see doesn’t scare you at all, but on the contrary, it is fascinating, amazing, you show interest and curiosity with poisonous creatures, moving closer — it means waking up trying to open up, to know your true desires, to experience passion.

Gustov Miller

It gives a negative meaning to the interpretation of this symbol, endowing the snake with cunning, any forms and manifestations of evil. For the dreamer, it foreshadows the struggle for existence, a series of trials, pain, fear, remorse.

Killing these poisonous creatures in the water — represents the achievement of goals at any cost. But after your interests are taken into account, you will experience complete devastation, a sense of hopelessness, the desire to fix everything as it was originally.

Sailing in the river among the wriggling vipers — to live in anxiety and tension for his life, career, family. Experiencing constant stress for fear of losing or losing something.

Getting out of the water means understanding the root cause, the source of your fears and correcting the situation.

The snake bit on the shore and hid in the water: expect betrayal from the closest circle of acquaintances in business contacts or relatives. For them, you are a threat that may hinder the implementation of their evil plans, and therefore they will try to eliminate you in time.

To swim across the muddy river, feeling that something cold and slippery is touching you — you will experience drastic mood swings from apathy to rage, illness, anxiety, bitterness.


The snake personifies the fall of man, his basest needs and feelings. A boa who throats in a dream — it carries a real danger to the dreamer. If a person suffers from bronchial asthma, this is a clear sign of an exacerbation of a chronic disease.

And who dreams of such a plot on the eve of the deal, it is more prudent to cancel the negotiations until better times, otherwise there will be ruin and misery.

A threat from the cruelty of people can be experienced if you dream of a snake, or several separate creatures coiled up. You can protect yourself by eliminating walks in the dark, as well as avoiding crowded places that are aggressive and protesting against the power politics of the people.

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