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Why the pig dreams: interpretation of the dream

The pig is a symbol of carelessness, clumsiness, stupidity, arrogance, impurity. In interpreting dreams with such an animal, details that are important to help determine whether the night plot has a positive or negative meaning are important. This applies to the appearance, location and actions of the animal.

Depending on these aspects, sleep can bring prosperity, profit, prosperity or a dirty trick, fraud and betrayal.

A pig in a dream has a double meaning: according to one version it is an undoubted benefit, an idle life, on the other — a sign of betrayal, a warning that the dreamer will be summed up by confidants.

In the image of an animal, a person with whom the dreamer has an unsatisfactory relationship can dream. Sometimes it’s an acquaintance that the sleeper has no respect for. Boar — a reflection of the physical needs of man.

Cleaver, seen in a dream — the threat of the evil eye.

Watch from the side of a live pig — to a wealthy waking life. Beautiful and well-fed animals portend a quick reward for patience and diligence.

Dead pig says that the time has come to prove their advantage over the enemy.

Thin, skinny pig personifies the decline in business, the cause of which are cowardice, negligence. Sleep advice: do business with more responsibility.

A skinned pet dreams of a conflict.

A pig with piglets personifies the location of fate, as well as the fact that the sleeping parasites are hampered by freeloaders who use its resources. This is the perfect time to implement ideas.

The black family is a symbol of large and small problems.

A big hog in a dream is a warning to be more careful with other people, to figure out what they are. Communicating with them at best will bring emotional discomfort.

A herd of pigs says that a person can get into a bad company.

Why the pig dreams: interpretation of the dream

The gender and social position of the sleeper are important:

  • If a woman or young girl A dream-looking wild boar is a sign that she will soon receive a marriage proposal. The future husband will be wealthy, but jealous. A boar lying in the mud means that the future spouse will be stingy.
  • If a married woman piggy dreams of piglets — the dream hints that it is time to pay attention to children.
  • Man a pig in a dream predicts success in business.
  • Sick man to see a dead animal — a sign that the disease is delayed.
  • Businessman the pig dreams of the wiles of detractors, the danger of unpleasant accidents.

Why the pig dreams: interpretation of the dream

Dreamer actions and dream interpretation:

Action descriptionInterpretation
Cut pigLong journey with large financial expenses and debts; trouble at work; interesting job offer
To cut a pigProblems; bankruptcy; wrong money spent; ailment. The exception is the same action with a black pig: a dream means that all the machinations of the enemies were to no avail
FeedTo improve the financial situation. To give food from the hands — all works will be made independently, without assistance. Throwing food in the feeder — excessive trust, which can be used. To feed from the golden tray, being dressed in expensive clothes is a sign that the contribution does not pay off, the forces expended will not bear fruit, the case threatens to be disappointing. Feed the corn — to the losses
Hold on handsForeboding of triumphant success
Ride a horseReceive pleasant emotions from what is happening, without realizing this report.
CatchHarm from own frankness
IroningFlatter someone’s vanity
Beat, step on animalHarm relatives with thoughtless actions
KillAccording to one version, fortunately, according to another, to a demotion
SellBad luck
BuyGet a large property in the property
Run away from herTry to avoid an ambiguous situation in connection with the authorities
Give birth to a pigSign of aversion to her partner’s dreamer for hygienic reasons
Be a pigMental agony

To chop pork in a dream — the ability to calculate costs and make plans for the future.

Parts of pork carcass have the following meanings:

  • pork snout: see — for injury, injury;
  • boarish penny, rummaging in manure — will have to participate in matters contrary to their own principles, or refuse to cooperate;
  • head: see — to problems at work; there is — to the road, common sense; fresh — auspicious way; with flies, disgusting — sleep warns of problems on the road;
  • bristles — to joy;
  • legs — it is recommended to be careful of affairs which run counter to the law.

Prepare a pork dish — for the disease, a series of minor troubles. If a stranger was treated to pork — the problems will not affect the dreamer. They offer to try a meat dish — a sign of deceit, betrayal.

I had to eat boar meat — failure in business.

Why the pig dreams: interpretation of the dream

Pure pink pig skin foreshadows well-being and success, satisfaction with the existing state of affairs. In a relationship, you may have more confidence in your loved one.

A dirty pig promises difficulties in the future, which will require a lot of strength to overcome. Fresh dirt on her body is a sign of current gossip, cowardice, adverse influences, circumstances.

In a different sense, dirt is an insufficiently substantiated relationship. Piggy lying in the mud dreams of suspicion of dishonesty of business partners.

A pig is dreaming in the blood — the dreamer has an advantage over the enemy. A painful animal personifies misunderstandings; advice — pay attention to the health of children.

A pig with a crown on his head is dreaming — a conflict with the authorities, a change in the working environment and the environment of friends are expected.

A huge pig, killed by a girl, predicts success if there were no disturbing details in the dream, such as otherworldly influence. A pig killed by a non-dreamer has several meanings:

  • the news that the ill-wisher is broken;
  • material losses;
  • the dreamer will be able to avoid the tricks of enemies.

The color of the pig is important:

  • black — enemies, trouble; in another sense — the interest and respect of others to the creative ideas of the dreamer;
  • gray — the enemy is nearby, it is worth being careful;
  • white — well-being; manages to carry out his plan in spite of all obstacles; good sign.

A little piggy dreams of getting a little extra income. If he is dirty — there is a risk of losing money, disgrace in front of loved ones.

To slaughter him is to have a profit after all difficulties and troubles are resolved.

A dead pet personifies family loss if fear or sadness is present; financial — with boredom and irritation of the dreamer. Leave the white piglets alive — to meet a man prepared by fate.

If a pig bites — in close surroundings there is a person waiting for the right moment to strike. Bitten to the blood — there is an enemy among relatives.

Hear the squeal of a pig — to the dismal news, gossip from loved ones. Sometimes sleep promises the arrival of guests from afar.

A herd of fun, playful piglets dreams of family well-being, pleasant troubles and surprises. Running behind the dreamer animals promise an increase in salary.

A lot of small and frisky pigs — to a kaleidoscope of rapid events in his personal life.

To play with the piglet who soiled the dreamer with his stool — to wealth and fame, to receive news of the inheritance. If, floundering in the mud, it remains clean — to the nobility of people with whom the sleeping one has to interact.

To wash it — there is a person in life, on whom the sleeper is senselessly spending a lot of money.

Watching the pig hold on to the tail of the sow and move with it — an impudent person who has no principles will meet on the way.

The behavior of the animal affects the interpretation of sleep:

Pig actionValue of sleep
Behaves cheerfullySign of pleasant events
Playing in the grassHappiness in love, absolute harmony in family life
Itches, rolls in the mudTo quarrels and conflicts, gossip of ill-wishers
Bathes in a puddleUseless, lazy man; symbol of family difficulties
Wants to bite, attacks, does not allow passageIt is necessary to prepare for a tough battle with the enemy; to see blood on her body is to have benefits, but it will take an effort to protect her interests. A wild boar attacks — in real life there is a person hostile to the dreamer
BitesIt should be ready for any meanness on the part of the enemy; difficulties in life
Digs the groundMeet the idle man
Undermines the roots of a huge oakThere will be a difficult situation with an incompetent person who takes a lot of trouble
AsleepThe symbol of a hidden enemy waiting for a convenient time to attack, after which it will be difficult to recover
Sits in a dreamer chairTo the betrayal of friends, the loss of loved ones, the rupture of relations with a loved one
Gives birth to pigletsIn a relaxed atmosphere — to profit, good luck in business
Going outside the yard with pigletsA sign of lies, which breaks down from the language of the dreamer; enters the yard — gossip, attachment of a bad person
GruntsAnnouncement of victory over the enemies, the seizure of their wealth
Turns into a manThere will be cases involving civil servants

The location of the animal also affects the final interpretation of the dream:

  • In the pen, pigsty. If there are many pigs in the barn, this is a sign that the dreamer is spreading gossip about his lifestyle behind his back.
  • In the House. Indoor pig symbolizes good health. Piglets scurrying around in the home — it is worth waiting for a profit. If there are many piglets, a career advance is likely.
  • At the trough. A hint at someone’s short-sightedness, in some cases — the untidy or insatiableness of the dreamer.

What matters is in which company of animals the pig was:

  • with chickens — joy, well-being;
  • with cows — financial prosperity;
  • with wolves — meeting with a despotic man;
  • with hares — the dreamer’s children will delight him.

Popular interpretations of dream books are reflected in the table:

Dream interpretationInterpretation sleep

Pig — a sign of change: well-fed — success in business, lucrative contracts; lean, hungry — loss. The more pigs in a dream, the larger the gain will be or the greater the amount of the loan

TsvetkovaTo dream of a pig — to wealth, easy money, prosperity. Many pigs — to be the object of discussion, gossip. To kill — to have a benefit. Feed — be prudent about the futureFreudSitting astride a pig is an unusual time. See the dirt on the body of the animal — want the cleanliness of the relationshipHasseTo keep a pig is a great happiness; slaughter is a major benefit; feed — plans for the future; observe how she flounders in a pool — difficulties in family relationships; to see an angry boar — there is a danger from unkind people. Piggy with piglets — increased incomeWangiDirty — expect difficulties. Clean — things will improve, although not soonEsotericPrick boar — in reality earn good moneyChineseBig Pig — Big Success EnsuredDanilovaAmong the wolves — to the diseaseAncientTo see a pig is to achieve well-deserved success. Boar in the mud — the dishonesty of business partners will hinder the developing projectAssyrianOne pig is a profit; many animals are notorietyIslamicThick pig personifies the benefits. The bigger the animal, the bigger the benefit.Simone CanaaniteTheft, Theft, Slander, IllnessVelesovThe invasion of an unpleasant person in life. Running boar — a warning that even with close people should not share important informationUniversalTrick; harm from another personWandererThe symbol of depravity, baseness, alienation from faith; unprincipled earningsXXI centuryDead pig — the approach of the black band, big problems"From A to Z"Pure pink pig — the dreamer’s desire for frivolous sexual relationships; dirty — problems due to stubbornness. The speaker is happiness; feed him — a trick by colleagues; cut — to financial losses. There is a roasted pig — to success in love

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