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Why the dead person dreams: interpretation by dream books

What dreams the dead — interpretation of the dream

When a very close person dies, you want to see him again. Take a hand, look into your own eyes, talk.

He comes in a dream, but for some reason he is silent. And at this time it is not at all interesting to know what the dead person dreams about. There may be several interpretations of sleep from dream books, but no one even tries to interpret dreams in the first forty days after death.

Because it is just the pain of loss.

Why the dead person dreams: interpretation by dream books

But why do uninvited guests come to us in dreams? Afraid of these visions or not? There are no unequivocal answers to these questions.

If, for example, the deceased dreamed and complained that he was cold or damp, go to his grave in the cemetery. Surely she sagged after the rains.

Correct it, and the dead man will no longer come to your dreams.

If a deceased father or mother asks for some small thing or they say that walking in shoes that they donned is not comfortable, buy what you are talking about and give it to someone. After that, put a white or yellow candle in the church for the rest.

Or order sorokoust, which will be read in the temple for forty days, remembering the deceased.

Often the dead dream of changing the weather. A few days after sleep, rain or snow can be expected, depending on the season of the year. Or they foreshadow other natural phenomena: earthquakes, floods, floods.

There are generally optimistic interpretations of the appearance of the dead in dreams. It is believed that this is for longevity and cloudless life.

What are our dreams

These are common and well-known interpretations of dreams. But there are dream books that interpret dreams about the dead in their own way and even a little differently.

In the dream book of Jaw-gong, a Chinese astrologer and healer, one can find the following explanations for the appearance of the deceased:

  • any additional profit. This could be a lottery win, an unexpected increase in rent, and even a testament from your unfamiliar relative;
  • to quarrel even with a stranger, if a dead person has tears in his eyes;
  • if the deceased appeared in the tomb from which he is trying to get out — Get ready for a meeting. You should expect guests.

David Loff treats the appearance of the deceased in dreams a little differently. Trying to speak the deceased is a direct indication that very soon you have to find out the relationship with someone.

Get ready for an unpleasant quarrel in real life.

In Miller’s Dream Book to see a dead father in a dream means a failed event or some sort of celebration. Therefore, you should transfer the planned to a later date.

If a mother dreams, then diseases should be expected among the next of kin.

Dream Vanga, interpreting dreams of the dead, warns of future troubles, disasters and cataclysms in nature. If you dream of a late friend, then he wants to warn about impending trouble.

Freud the appearance of the dead in dreams interprets as a warning against something bad. You need to listen to the words of the deceased, understand what he is saying and fulfill his wish.

As if this is the advice of a real loved one.

Why the dead person dreams: interpretation by dream books

Why do the dead come in dreams?

The black color, the dead, trying to talk and talk about something — this is not a sinister dream, predicting a terrible disease or even death. But here it is necessary to look at the details of sleep, because they can be interpreted in completely different ways:

  • tears bitterness defeat can be experienced in real life, if in a dream with the dead is a coffin;
  • dream several nights in a row close relatives — a warning. Maybe even about the approaching disease;
  • see the dead man in the coffin — do not plan anything important for the near future;
  • conversation with a very long dead man — A serious warning about changes in life;
  • met in a dream with a deceased father — it means that some kind of transaction will not take place;
  • don’t be fooled by the call of the deceased to go with him. Do not take the outstretched hand. This is most likely to a prolonged illness.

Our dreams are warnings. Oh good and about bad.

It is only necessary to interpret them correctly.

If you woke up in the morning, and the dream comes to mind that you can scream in horror, do not talk to anyone, look out the window and whisper three times: “Where the night is, go there and sleep. Amen».

A bad dream will not come true.

If very close dead people dreamed, then you should probably go to the nearest church and put light candles for the rest. After that, take the time to go to the cemetery and remove the grave.

Maybe our dead men come to dreams just to ask to remember and not to forget about them?

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