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Why shoot paper money in the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga

We treat paper money on popular dream books

It is not uncommon to see paper money in a dream. Why dream of such dreams — there are many tips.

Dream books provide different and sometimes contradictory descriptions, but in general, this is a good sign.

Paper bills: what is dreaming about

It is a symbol of a series of changes and events related to financial position and well-being. Subject predictions in many ways tied to the details: to hold, get, find, donate, give a loan.

Consider all possible options in order not to distort the prediction.

In modern interpretation, many bundles of paper bills are a precursor to lucrative offers or lucrative projects.

Why shoot paper money in the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga

Well, if you feel bills in hand, feel their rustling. The disappearance or theft of wealth — life will immediately follow the loss.

You see how you leave a vagabond on bread or hand out alms from the church to a stunning influx of wealth. You can safely go to play at the casino or buy a lottery ticket, you will be lucky.

Signs with a large denomination in a dream only increase the upcoming luck and show your ambitions. Do not be afraid to take risks during this period and play big.

You are laying the foundation for your future state.

Returning money to a person, according to the Chinese dream book, is getting rid of a serious and prolonged illness. And to pick up from the ground is a great success.

A psychoanalytic dream book interprets that money is the equivalent of their price, strength, energy, time, and sometimes love. A certain amount of money indicates the number of days, a specific period of time.

Small, insignificant incomes — lack of strength, energy or lack of your time.

A very high price for something is a sign of a huge amount of effort. You will have to pay in full for what has been done.

Dreamed of: pay the bills — you are waiting for suffering or punishment for their actions.

What do I advise author dream books

Sigmund Freud

Cash signs personify the male principle and the sexual energy of the sleeper. A waste of money will lead to the realization of excess sexual instincts.

Receiving a cash reward is a symbol of lack of sexual relations and love.

A dream where you earn a fee will lead to a new sexual adventure. Found bills — expect an exciting and promising novel.

I dreamed of loss of profit — you are waiting for the decline of sexual activity and even impotence.

Gustov Miller

Find a stack of banknotes — to survive the small troubles and anxieties that will degenerate into the desired changes. But to find a large amount and see how someone else makes a claim on it — fate hints that you live beyond your means.

Paid for unnecessary useless goods — a waste of time and effort on empty cases that will not bring results.

Found a shortage — get ready for the trouble with payments. Stolen — beware, lurks danger.

You recalculate paper triviality — there may be delays and workload at work, and as a result — claims from loved ones that you spend little time with them.

Lost finances — to early difficulties. A real danger can foreshadow a dream with theft. Slowly recount and feel the rustle of paper — a symbol of stability and security.

They lend you a small amount — to the pleasant realization that they think well of you. But you really don’t really deserve it.

I saw how you print fakes — be prepared for big trouble. Spend someone else’s money — perhaps you will be taken by surprise and accused of petty deception.

Seeing how a large bill disappears from your wallet — a sign of your disapproval of spending money on a losing business that is being imposed on you. Not only will the project not bring profit, it will take away the last. But someone from your environment is profitable to deal a financial blow to you.

From the influence of this person can be obtained and the breakdown of the contract, and material costs.

Why shoot paper money in the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga

A pack of bills is given to sniff the dog, but it does not detect the owner — your hope that a not entirely legal transaction will not be opened and will not be a blow to business. The choice is yours — a quiet life or a large amount.

A relative dreamed who does not want to repay a dream — there is a spiritual meeting with a man who has not been seen for a long time. A very good friend came to ask for a large sum — do not start a quarrel with who you care about, who you value and are afraid of losing.

You risk your life for a large fee — you are deceived, avoid frank conversations with someone you are not familiar with.

Found a treasure, and there is nothing but money dust — be afraid of empty promises and vain hopes, perhaps from female persons.

David loff

Financial wealth implies strength, consistency and the desire to keep others under control.

Loaned, distributed to those in need — help someone in reality with simple non-material matters and experience great satisfaction from it. Night dreams, where you experience losses and damages, symbolize a breakdown.

If you expect a large influx in a dream from someone, it is important to remember who it came from. Perhaps it is a blessing. it indicates a rebirth of emotional power and renewal through the settlement of relationships.

Loss of finances in a dream for no apparent reason reflects the real inability to control yourself. You cannot restrain your emotional and physical resources from excessive waste.

Do not rejoice in a dream in which easy money came. The finder would have to beware of evil thoughts from someone from the inner circle.

Conspiracies and deception will begin around. If financial benefits came to you in gratitude, then in life you will earn approval and reward.

Torn, wrinkled and dirty banknotes were seen — to an unexpected bankruptcy and a poor existence. During this period, you are vulnerable, you should think about your savings, protect your home from theft and change bank card passwords.

Why shoot paper money in the dream of Miller, Freud, Vanga

Consider new bills — it speaks of your pettiness and obsession with material goods. It affects your relationship and pushes good and good people away from you.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Beware of deception and disappointment advises the dream book, seeing in a dream the old bills. Giving donations and alms promises the future unexpected wealth.

We decided to set fire to banknotes — it means you are trying to burn bridges and start a new life. Loss and loss of profit speaks about quick profits and building relationships with partners.

A dream in which you passively contemplate how someone carries paper treasures will bring unexpected news and subsequent trouble.

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