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Why often dream the same person?

Why do the same person often dream?

Esotericists are convinced that in a dream the soul of a person (the astral body) travels through subtle worlds and can communicate with other people and animals. There is even a whole system of knowledge aimed at realizing the world of dreams in practical application — lucid dreams. Scientists have proven that by controlling the events of a dream can change fate.

Why often dream the same person? The answer to the question may lie in the plane of various interpretations, which depend on the details of the dream and the subjective experiences of the dreamer.

Why often dream the same person?

General interpretation

There are always people in dreams. This may be a person from the past, our friend from the present and unknown individuals.

Also in our dreams, deceased relatives and friends visit us. However, the dreamers are puzzled by one question: why does the same person come to sleep during a long period of time? Sometimes an old acquaintance who has not been seen for many years comes to sleep with an enviable persistence!

Sometimes in a dream you can see a totally unfamiliar person who appears with enviable regularity. What does it mean?

If we consider the detailed interpretation of the dream, we can distinguish three main positions:

  1. dream of a familiar person;
  2. a stranger appears in a dream;
  3. the dead come to sleep.

The approach to interpretation has two directions: psychological and esoteric. Psychologists associate the events of dreams with images of reality, and esoteric see them as the contact of the subconscious with the subtle world.

For example, the frequent vision of a person of the opposite sex may warn of an imminent change in personal life — the creation of a family. Provided the dreams were positive.

A vision of a person of your gender can alert you to the appearance of a faithful friend or girlfriend soon.

There is also a mystical interpretation of this event. If a person of opposite sex (familiar or unfamiliar) regularly comes to sleep, you should contact the magician / psychic for diagnosis.

The possibility of magical influence is not excluded. However, do not take into account the dream of a person with whom you have a real connection.

If you are busy with thoughts about a subject during the day, the regular appearance of his image in a dream speaks only about one thing: you continue the line of communication started in the daytime.

Dream familiar

If the dreamer feels sympathy for this person, it means that the dream realizes non-embodied dreams in reality. In the dream everything is possible, there are no restrictions and prohibitions. It is through a dream that you can get pleasant sensations from contact with a specific person, inaccessible during wakefulness.

Perhaps during the day you are hampered by shyness or the presence of complexes.

Why often dream the same person?

If a dream is visited by a familiar person with whom there is no close connection with reality, it means that his subconscious mind seeks to convey something important to you. Esoteric and psychologists advise to schedule a meeting with this person, to talk.

If the dream is regularly visited by a person from the past, contacts with whom are lost, in this case, the interpretation may be twofold. Either the subconscious indicates unresolved problems from the past when you were in contact with this person, or you need to get rid of past memories and live a real life.

Stranger in a dream

Esoteric advise in such cases, try to talk to a stranger. Such a dream is considered a harbinger of change in life.

It is important to pay attention to the emotional state of the stranger: benevolent or aggressive? A benevolent person who is present in dreams regularly may be the guardian spirit of a person.

Bad dreams with a stranger in the lead role may have the following explanation. In the past you experienced a tragedy or witnessed tragic events, this person was also a witness — but you did not pay attention to him.

However, the subconscious mind remembers everything. What to do?

Should seek clarification from a psychologist or psychic. It is better to find out everything at once, than to get lost in obscurity.

Repetitive dreams involving the same person may be interpreted differently. Trust the intuition in interpretation. The direction of interpretation of sleep may be as follows:

  • you constantly think of him during the day;
  • he thinks about you all the time;
  • you need to figure out the relationship;
  • he influences you;
  • dream realizes day dreams;
  • a person wants to help you;
  • he needs your help.

Mystical interpretation can be a magical effect (love spell, damage) or sharing the astral essence. In any case, expert advice does not hurt.

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