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Why dreamed urine: how to decipher

Why dreamed urine: how to decipher

If in a dream you saw human excrement, or rather urine, you should expect a lot of happiness in real life. It can be not only spiritual, but also material. However, this dream has an unfavorable interpretation that warns of vulnerability to the aggression of society.

To know exactly what dreams of urine, will have to open more than one dream book.

General interpretation

Many authors of dream books associate this phenomenon with the manifestation of your opposite and dark essence. If the dreamer had a vision, how he resolves the need for a toilet — this indicates his spiritual harmony with the world and his body.

And if a sleeping person in a dream urinated in an unspecified place — it is worth thinking about establishing contact with others and himself.

Also, urine in a dream means that it’s time to get rid of all the excess that burdens the dreamer. It may be like old furniture, which has not fit into the interior for a long time, but you continue to store it as a memory.

Or are these old contacts and connections that already bring no pleasure. The dreamer will manage to get rid of all the excess in his life and it will be easier for him to continue on his way.

Why dreamed urine: how to decipher

A sleeping person can dream not only how he empties the bladder, but also:

  • How he drinks it. This phenomenon spells a long and routine work, which will not be useful and will not give any results. But if you drank urine for medicinal purposes, a long and happy life is guaranteed.
  • See pet defecation. If you dreamed how your pet met your needs, this is a warning about the emergence of new worries and problems that will create around the person who has a dream, malicious people. Or friends, pursuing ulterior motives.
  • Dreamed how a small child fulfills its need? This is an alarming sign. You should pay more attention and care to your child.
  • If in a dream you were doused with this unpleasant liquid, it warns the dreamer about the deterioration of his health. If urine was poured on a healthy person in a dream — be prepared for the disease. But if the dreamer is already sick and he has at least a drop of urine in him, this is an omen promising an early correction.
  • Felt a fetid smell of urine in a dream? It is necessary to guard and be ready for a meeting with a fraudster or an unreliable person. Soon he will appear on your life’s journey and will want to take advantage of you by no means for good purposes.

Other interpretations

If a sleeping person in a night vision watched urine with blood or took urine for research, this could mean experiencing a close relative, a friend, or one’s own state of the body. If in a dream you could see an easily recognizable jar for laboratory research — in the near future you will have to lie down at home and cheer a little.

In a dream, the dreamer attends a public restroom, but the floor in it was not clean — this predicts a speedy financial take-off in all your endeavors. It is also worth paying attention to other dream books: this vision is also interpreted as a warning about possible risks in a career and other financial matters.

It should be extremely cautious about important decisions and think over everything in detail, so as not to make an irreparable mistake.

Why dreamed urine: how to decipher

Dream Vanga

If the urine is in the container, but the dreamer has managed to get dirty with it, this is a bad sign: prepare yourself for life’s difficulties and negative views from strangers. Dream Vanga also interprets the dream, which happened to be written in a dream, as problems in family life and quarrels with a loved one.

If in a night vision you look like you or an animal, baby, you defecate, be prepared for difficulties with your soul mate.

Dreamy longo

To see your child peeing is a warning sign. It is necessary to check the child for the presence of nervous ailments and think about the possible prerequisites for the development of these diseases.

If a dreamer urinates in a dream, this is an auspicious sign: soon your life will become easier than it was before this vision. The dreamer resolved his need for a public toilet — an omen that speaks of the imminent solution of life’s difficulties.

If the dreamer urinated on the road or in the wrong place — in reality you neglect the calmness of society for the sake of their hobbies.

Why dreamed urine: how to decipher

Islamic Dreambook

To see yourself urinating in a dream is a controversial sign. For a person with problems, he promises release from them, but if the dreamer is rich, he can become arrogant.

To urinate in urine with blood is not a favorable sign: intimate ties with a divorced wife or relative are possible, but the dreamer will not even suspect it. To urinate in a home or camp — a warning that entails a speedy marriage.

If the dreamer noticed that he urinated more than he had done, or soiled his clothes, or gave urine a foul smell, and also the dreamer met his need in public view, this is an ominous sign, predicting bad weather in your life and malicious people. Because of them, soon your reputation will decline, and you will be covered with shame.

The dream, in which the urine was tasted, calls to think about how honest your financial income or wealth appeared.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

According to the dream book written by Sigmund Freud, urine in a dream with your naked body shows your sexual power. And if in a dream you had a chance to experience pleasure, then you will get rid of all unnecessary complexes that have long annoyed you.

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