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Why dream wake — interpretation of the dream?

How to unravel the wake of dreams: forecasts of dream books

How to unravel the wake of dreams, and whether to fear such a dream. Read the interpretation of the dream books that I collected in this article.

This will help analyze the dream and understand what can happen to you in real life.

Alphabet Dream Book

These forecasts are universal. They will help to unravel the dream, if you remember it poorly, and forgot the main details of the plot of the dream.

Why dream wake - interpretation of the dream?

  1. If in real life the person who was remembered in your dream is healthy and alive, this is a favorable sign. He will live happily ever after, without any problems and in a state of complete well-being.
  2. If you dreamed that they were commemorating you, then your goals will not be realized in the near future. It is better to postpone the planned business and how to relax. You need to reboot the brain to find new ways to achieve what you are dreaming about.
  3. If the people at the funeral were chatting animatedly and were not particularly sad. then in reality, someone will provide you with all possible financial assistance. Thanks to this you can quickly solve the problems associated with money.
  4. «Drunk» wake with a large number of inadequate people dream of either cheating on their husband or inappropriate behavior of children. You will have to gather all your strength to overcome this difficult phase of life.
  5. If the dead person comes to life, then with the move or the trip that you have planned, you need to wait. Something unforeseen may happen, because of which your plans will have to be postponed, and for a long time.
  6. The funeral of domestic animals dreams to great fun. Someone from close people will arrange for you a real holiday, wanting to please.

Popular interpretations

In the majority of dream books, there is not enough information about dreams about commemoration.

Why dream wake - interpretation of the dream?

Here is the hodgepodge of the most reliable predictions:

  1. In the newest dream book it says that in reality there will be a great success for you, which was not enough for a long time. Use the moments of luck and do not miss such a chance. Everything that you would not undertake will end for you in the best way.
  2. The presence at the commemoration of the dream book of Rommel promises the death of someone from close people. But this is not necessarily physical death. Death can be a symbol of the collapse of something old, the destruction of hopes, relationships, work, and so on.
  3. The dream interpretation of the 21st century promises a happy old age. But only on the condition that you stop doing what you do not like. You need to remember what gives you pleasure and to realize yourself in this matter.
  4. Also wake can dream of great sorrow and great spiritual experiences. It is possible that the prerequisites for this are already now. You need to gain strength to withstand the difficult period and cope with all the challenges.
  5. The authors of the Big Treatise on dreams suggest that in reality you will find yourself at some event with a huge crowd of people. Previously, you have not had the opportunity to participate in a celebration of this magnitude, so you need to be well prepared.
  6. The dream of Veles promises a happy and prosperous old age. Especially if, in a dream, you first attended your own funeral, and then went to the commemoration, watching them as if from the side.
  7. Family book foreshadows a series of adverse events. Trouble will fall on you, as if from a cornucopia. At one moment, you will literally be covered with global sadness because you will not be able to realize what you have long conceived.
  8. If you did not see the wake, but realized in your dream that you were going to them, then in reality you can get bad news from distant relatives. This news can dramatically change your life.
  9. Ukrainian ancient dream book also promises a happy and secure old age in the future. Start laying the foundation for this now.

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The dream of Prozorov

The author of this book gives the most detailed forecasts.

Why dream wake - interpretation of the dream?

Here are some of them:

  1. Commemoration of a stranger is an auspicious sign. In this dream you can see a solution to a problem that has been tormenting you for a long time. If you use the hint, then waking up quickly and effortlessly get rid of this splinter, poisoning your life.
  2. If you attended the commemoration of a spouse, it is a very good dream. He says that you will live happily with your chosen one for a long time. It is destined for you and is the most suitable partner for you.
  3. Own commemoration promise a long and happy life in abundance and prosperity. You do not have to worry about the problems often. You can calmly relate to everything that happens around you. Your desires are easily fulfilled.
  4. The commemoration of your child is also a favorable dream. The baby will grow up healthy and happy. In addition, nature laid great potential in it. He is able to grow and achieve great success. You will be proud of him.
  5. If you remember a familiar person, you will meet him in real life very soon. And it will not be just a friendly meeting. He will bring with him joyful news that will inspire you and fill you with positive.
  6. If during the commemoration process bravura music was playing, then soon there will be a big celebration in your life that you did not expect at all. Get ready to accept congratulations and gifts. Sometimes such a dream promises an unplanned, but very happy pregnancy.
  7. If you dreamed the commemoration of a man who actually died a long time ago, it means that it’s time you let go of sad memories. This is a reminder that it is time for you to live a real life and enjoy the little things, and not regret the past.
  • If you dreamed of a wake, you should not be afraid. In most cases, predictions promise you only good. This may be good news, dating or financial income.
  • A person who was commemorated in a dream will live happily ever after. Such dreams suggest that he was born under a lucky star. You should not worry about his future.

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