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Why dream to wash in the bath for the dream, Miller, Vanga

I dreamed that I wash in the bathroom — the prediction of popular dream books

Why sleep to bathe in the bath? After reading the dream book, we learn about it.

Bathing in a bath in a dream can predict various events. The details of sleep will influence the explanation of such visions.

You will need to remember how clean, warm or cold the water was, whether you were alone in the bathroom. For more information on the treatment of such dreams, look in the dream book.

Interpretation of various dream books

Why dream to wash in the bath for the dream, Miller, Vanga

Autumn dream

  • You were going to bathe in the bath. They filled it with clean water, they wanted to get into it already, but the water from it miraculously evaporated. Such a dream scenario warns you about dirty tricks from close people. Be careful in real life.

Female dream book (for women only)

  • Take a bath — to serious feelings about his beloved. Fear of losing it.
  • Pregnant women this promises the likelihood of an accident.

Spring dream book

  • This is a dream for well-being in love affairs.
  • Empty bath — to trouble and deterioration of health.

View psychologist G. Miller

  • Dreams with a similar scenario require the dreamer to be wary and wary of their actions.
  • They did not want to wash themselves in it alone — a warning from unwanted fellow travelers on the road, slander against the dreamer.

The explanation of the white magician Y. Longo

  • Wash in a bath of warm water foreshadows a meeting with a longtime friend after a long parting.
  • You will be glad to communicate, a conversation about past years will bring you a new surge of energy. You will feel young again.
  • While in the bathroom, the water began to go away. It symbolizes the loss of faith in one’s own abilities. Someone blew this faith. You need to believe in yourself more, and not listen to what other people say.
  • Use scented oils while washing — you consider yourself a fan of beauty. It would be better if you stop admiring yourself. It will bring you more benefits in real life.
  • To lie in a bath with abundant foam is a warning that you need to control your words more wakingly. Take this seriously, so as not to lose your friends.

Esoteric dream book

  • Foamy and soapy water in it — do not believe the promises.
  • Lying with pleasure in it — to idleness and tranquility. The main thing that it does not become a habit for you.

Interpretation of the Apostle Simon the Canaanite

  • To swim in it promises prosperity in the business sphere, love relationships.
  • Bath turned out to be without water — to disease and damage.

Dream Yogi

A full bath with water symbolizes everything related to body fluids.

Opinion psychologist Z. Freud

  • The bath itself is a symbol of the female genital organs, filled with water — for pregnancy, getting injured in it — for gynecological diseases.
  • A girl during the wash looking at herself naked and remaining unhappy — a sign of self-doubt. Staying content with this — promises sexual adventures.
  • The water in it was clear — a sign of your sex appeal.
  • Bathing in the bath confirms the desire to have children and conceive in the near future.
  • Play it like a child — you are aiming for sophisticated types of intimate intimacy.

Interpretation Vanga

  • Bathing in the bathroom symbolizes remorse for the immoral act.
  • The water was hot in it — you will be punished soon for this, cold water — the dreamer will torment the sinner for a long time. Only clear water foreshadows complete cleansing from sins.
  • Young ladies such a dream promises a serious illness. The prognosis for a cure will depend on the sensations during the wash — cleanliness or nuisance.

Why dream to wash in the bath for the dream, Miller, Vanga

Family Dream

  • The water was hot — for disassembly and quarrels. The hotter it is, the bigger the scandal, the worse the result will be.
  • Getting the pleasure of washing is a harbinger of material wealth, fun, good news.
  • Trying to wash without removing clothes promises serious trouble.
  • Someone prevented you from washing up — gossip about you is possible in reality.

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

  • Wash in unclean water — wait for the trick in the professional field.
  • Lying in a bath with abundant foam foreshadows the loss of confidence of the management at work, the probability of being dragged into the center of the conflict.
  • While washing you were rubbing your back — reprimand about work is possible.

Dream Rommel

  • Young people seeing with such a scenario predicts trouble and complications when communicating with a beloved.
  • They gathered to wash not one — a warning from dishonest business partners.
  • Pregnant women dream predicts an accident.

Noble dream

  • Wash in warm water — to the disease. In cool water — to vigorous state of health
  • The bath was filled with blood — the likelihood of unexpected death.
  • Taking a bath with medicinal herbs foreshadows the dreamer well-being.

Dreams in alphabetical order

  • To bathe in it — to a serene life.
  • This can speak of feelings for a loved one, fear of losing him.
  • The bath was dirty foam — beware of an unpleasant act against you.
  • Pure water with a fragrant aroma promises a wonderful period in life, fun, good health.
  • Bathing in a bath together with a man symbolizes the fear of losing your lover.
  • Wash with the baby — a warning to be careful with fellow travelers during a long trip.
  • Wash head — likely treason in the family.

Gypsy dream book

  • To wash in it — your body needs rest.
  • To bathe with another person is a warning to be careful in business relations.

Shame and indiscretion

  • Doing it with strangers and having fun is a success among guys.
  • At the same time, being afraid of your nakedness and covering it up — your modesty in reality begins to depress you. This makes it difficult to adjust your personal life.
  • This may herald a break in relations with the current lover.

Why dream to wash in the bath for the dream, Miller, Vanga

Love relationship

  1. Bathing in the bath with a man for a woman foreshadows intimate pleasures. At the same time pay attention to the water in the bath. If it was dirty — the chance to get into the impartial story about communication with a man.
  2. Bathing with a man and admiring them is the forerunner of a new lover.
  3. Seeing a young man in a dirty foam — other applicants seek to separate you.

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