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Why dream to talk about the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

Dreamed a conversation: interpretation by different dream books

Almost every working day is spent in the process of interacting with other people. We exchange information, opinions, views, try to understand or convey the right message to someone.

It is not surprising if after that we have to talk in a dream. What dreams of such a scenario, we learn in proven dream books.

Talking is good when you have something to say.

A conversation with an interlocutor in dreams is often a message from our subconscious mind that encourages us to do something: mindfulness, vigilance, decisiveness, caution. The words were clear and meaningful — a direct indication in real life to the observance of certain rules of behavior.

In general, such a dream can carry both positive and negative meaning.

For interpretation, everything matters: the interlocutor, the tone and volume of the voice, the setting, the mood. A similar dream story can be interpreted in a completely different way for a man and a woman.

A woman spends a short conversation

In the professional sphere, a woman’s conversation with her colleagues in a dream does not promise any good news. In this case, it can turn into reproaches to you that you are encroaching on someone else’s area of ​​responsibility and trying to distinguish yourself before the leadership at the expense of others.

If someone discusses you loudly — get ready for negative emotions and ill will on the part of colleagues: anger, irritation, envy. In this case, your smile and sarcasm will be a worthy weapon and protection against possible attacks from others.

Married lady communication with an attractive girlfriend in reality promises discord in family life. The spouse has a reason to accuse you of having a bad attitude towards him, lack of attention and lack of love and affection on your part.

Why dream to talk about the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

Chatting with someone annoyed on the phone — it speaks of your fatigue and workload. You have taken on too much responsibility and are now in doubt about your abilities.

Young lady sweet talk with your beloved promises in real life to turn into an expensive gift or the fulfillment of your cherished desire. If the guy is barely familiar — to a quick marriage.

Marriage promises to be strong and friendly.

The girl dialogue with a rival predicts a difficult period of relations with her lover. It’s time to arrange your nest and delicious dinners.

Otherwise, the rival’s cunning plan will work, and you will lose your life partner.

Communication with the mother is a good sign for the dreamer. The ideal time to create a comfortable and harmonious family life.

Expect happiness and well-being.

A man with himself to say that honey get drunk

A serious conversation took place, but you don’t see with whom — this means that the relationship with a person who was once close and dear is strained. Now there is an opportunity to lose him because of your abrupt behavior, extravagant nature and inability to admit his guilt.

A harsh conversation with an opponent in a dream warns about the hasty conclusion of financial transactions and long-term contracts. You are excited to break a big score, but this can be a dangerous trap for you.

If the meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, it means that the enemy in reality wants to declare a truce and establish mutual contact.

A conversation with death promises to be prophetic, if you remember what was said. Such conversations usually dream before great events or turning points in the life of the dreamer, foreshadowing dramatic changes in consciousness and lifestyle.

Why dream to talk about the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

You talk about something with your dead father — a good reason to check and understand all the dubious issues of your business. You have time to check bills and dubious deals, to sort out all current affairs.

The late nephew or brother was seen — a sign that someone from close relatives needed your help and financial support.

Married men talk with the deceased mother — expect increasing misunderstanding in the family. You have accumulated too many claims against each other, which need to be discussed and smooth out the conflict.

A young man to exchange phrases with a girl foreshadows a quick disappointment in her. Your fascination with her charisma makes it impossible to think adequately, do not make hasty conclusions.

You will be helped by rationality and balance.

Why dream to talk about the dream books of Freud, Miller, Tsvetkov

You saw yourself at the meeting with the president — in reality your disappointment does not give way to optimism and faith in a bright future. You are tired of current problems, disputes with the authorities and bureaucracy. To restore the strength of spirit and to raise the mood will help sleep and solitude.

Try to take a vacation and go on a trip.

A verbal altercation with his beloved is for the dreamer an opportunity to think about his frivolous behavior. Soon the secret will be revealed and you will hear the real reproaches of the beloved.

There will be no reason for jealousy if you change your attitude towards a girl and change your habits.

In a smart conversation to be — mind to buy

Sigmund Freud

Talking in a dream means the intimate relationship of people. For a woman, a conversation with her husband on heightened tones reveals his accumulated complaints about her as a sexual partner.

She no longer satisfies his needs to the extent, or he simply lost interest in her, lost interest, and seeks consolation on the side.

For a man, a dream where he is trying to impose his opinion on a woman speaks about his obvious selfishness in sex. You need to think more about the desires of the beloved, otherwise the probability of losing her is great.

Gustov Miller

Chatter or talk about anything portend illnesses of loved ones or their own series of troubles. Colleagues may unflatteringly respond to you or blame something.

Be prepared for confrontation and restraint.

Someone is shouting — an unfriendly situation around you can be created by gossip or slander. Be above these gossip and give less reason for others to think about you badly.

You will be involved in a conflict with your colleagues, misplacing responsibilities and responsibilities among themselves.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Hearing someone’s debates and debates in a dream foreshadows the dreamer’s worries and concerns about the health of loved ones. It is necessary to monitor well-being and consult a doctor in time.

Pleasant flattery and jokes addressed to you in reality promise a favorable environment for obtaining new knowledge, skills and experience. An excellent period to learn something and learn many useful things for you in the future.

I saw how you are insulted — expect unpleasant moments in life that will require your endurance and patience. Someone will try to engage you in their uncomplicated game to humiliate and put in an unattractive light.

Ignore and be above it.

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