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Why dream the same person?

Why does the same person dream about several nights in a row?

Sleep is not only a rest for the organism, but also often it transmits information through dreams. Dreams are a mysterious and mysterious phenomenon. Scientists have proved that dreams see absolutely everything, only there are people who do not remember them or do not believe in them.

People who are serious about dreaming want to know their meaning, build logical chains of the details of a dream and believe in symbolism.

You can often encounter similar or identical dreams that periodically repeat. However, more often you can contemplate the same person.

Such dreams involuntarily, even not particularly believing people in their meaning, make you wonder what this may be. Why dream the same person?

The interpreters of dreams will help us in this.

Why dreams are repeated

From a scientific point of view, this phenomenon has not been explained. Esotericians explain this fact with several reasons:

  • Warning sign. If a person often dreams, especially an acquaintance, he may want to protect you. Analyze where the danger may lie in you, do not take risks.
  • The object of desire. It is possible that you simply have a feeling of being in love or loving towards the hero of dreams. Since in thoughts we constantly return to it, so in a dream you remember him on a subconscious level.

Why dream the same person?

  • Love spell. In this case, on the contrary, you are an object of desire, and thus you get a sign about it. This is, of course, a pleasant version of events. Worse, if magical power is really involved in order to secure your location.
  • Spiritual connection A person who is close to you in spirit can often appear in a dream. In the same way, an invisible astral connection arises between you.

Basically, the explanation is only in the case when a person dreams about a friend. A rarity when the same stranger constantly comes to you in a dream.

If this happens, it is probably nothing more than an accident.

Psychology specialists interpret what is happening in their own way:

  • Repeating or similar dream with the same person

may reflect ambiguity in the dream-dreamed person relationship system. It is believed that any unfinished business painfully affect the mind and can remind of themselves or incarnate in dreams.

  • In this embodiment, the opinion with esoteric coincides: if often

thinking about a person in reality, it is quite likely that he often appears in a dream.

  • As is the case with incomplete cases, so are unsatisfied

needs may be the reason for the “visit” of the night guest. These may be former or desired partners.

How to stop annoying visions

Frequent dreams with one person can cause different reactions. If such dreams cause feelings of depression, sadness, confusion and other negative emotions, then an attempt should be made to stop night visions.

You can try the following options:

  • Change of scenery: sleeping in another room, on new laundry, at another time, etc.
  • Conversation with the person who is dreaming: try to find out all the interesting questions. With an unfamiliar person — meet closer, start communication. If you are dreaming of a stranger — before going to bed, mentally ask a question that he needs from you, perhaps you will have an answer.
  • Sleep notes: write down the essence of your dreams after waking up, it will be mentally easier to switch to a new image.

Why dream the same person

You had a dream with a familiar person

If in a dream mutual sympathy, then it is worth forcing relationships in reality: get to know each other closer, bring the relationship closer.

Why dream the same person?

If a person is of the same sex with you, then this promises a strong friendship.

If in a dream, favor comes only from you, then you want to give the desired for the real and not far off depression.

If you swear all the time with this person — trouble in real life.

I dreamed of a stranger

If at the same time you feel comfortable and calm, then it would not hurt to look at the world in a new way.

If you are trying to hide — talk to someone heart to heart. Joyfully respond to a stranger — fear of change, dumping problems on another.

If he has his back to you — to the trouble.

Old friends, classmates or classmates in a dream

The dream speaks of the desire to repeat some moments in life, regret for the mistakes made.

Dreamed relatives

This is a warning sign of adverse incidents.

To see the deceased in a dream

If in reality this person is alive, then this is a very auspicious sign that promises longevity to someone who was not lucky in a dream.

If in reality this person is already gone, then it is just a memory of him.

Do not rush to panic, if every day you see the same person in a dream. It is difficult to influence the night plot, but if you strongly want this, you can try to change the annoying motive.

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