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Why dream that you are beautiful in the dream books of Miller, Lofa

I dreamed that I am painted — why should I interpret it correctly

Why do you dream that you decided to make up, change hair color, make nail art — and maybe you helped make up for your girlfriend? How does the dream book look at the cosmetics that you used for its intended purpose?

Why dream that you are beautiful in the dream books of Miller, Lofa

General interpretation of this typical feminine sleep

  • Many interpreters associate make-up with insincerity — still, because with the help of blush and foundation we hide our usual, not always perfect appearance from those around us. Perhaps you want to hide something from others? Or maybe you do not like something in yourself?
  • If the dreamer is a man, he made a make-up for himself, summing up his lips and eyes, this suggests that he is afraid of opening the present to people, hiding deeply inside of himself his own true impulses.
  • If you painted your nails (with your own hands or in the salon), a dream promises an important find, material or in the form of an idea, an important acquaintance. The brighter was the shade of varnish, the more valuable this “acquisition” will turn out.
  • You did not just a simple female “war paint”, but a real theatrical makeup on all your face? A dream hints that you are an insincere lady, constantly wearing «masks».

Did you just make a marafet on your face?

  • Sitting in front of the mirror or mirror, did you make a beautiful make-up? If you wish, you can avoid the answer, “wagging” with words like a real politician.
  • Why dream that you paint the shadows? And especially dark, black or gray? You are trying very hard to get the right opinion about you, and for this you are not averse to letting a little “dust in your eyes”.
  • To paint eyes — to love. And the guy who will fool you can become your husband. If you are already married, such a dream promises happiness in your family «nest.»
  • Mascara applied to the eyelashes hints: you have erroneous views on something. Do not rest, hoarse insisting on his truth, but look at the situation from a different angle.
  • Lipstick is a sign of future romance. Perhaps you will have a new gentleman — not serious, but it will be nice to communicate with him.
  • Did you put powder and toner on your face? You really want everyone to like it, so often instead of being yourself, you repeat someone’s gestures, words. It is possible that you do have flaws, and by hiding them you only make yourself better.
  • Did you just fix the finished make-up? You are tired of pretending all the time, but you are so used to your “mask” that you are unlikely to throw it off in the near future.

Have you dreamed of changing yourself with makeup?

Why dream that you are beautiful in the dream books of Miller, Lofa

  • To paint in a dream, creating a contour make-up, to change the shape of the nose, cheekbones, cheeks, can be extremely curious person who dreams to try something new every day.
  • Did it happen with the help of improvised means to turn into almost another person? It is your subconscious that sends you a signal: your soul is dissatisfied with the present life. It would be nice to meet new people, start another interesting hobby …
  • Makeup did not work, and you were unhappy with yourself? You are a secretive person, and you like to have just such an image — a mysterious lady.

Have you decided to make up someone?

  • Most often, such a dream says: the person to whom you did your makeup is not sincere with you.
  • Was it your favorite? You are unhappy with how your relationship is going. It is possible, through this dream, the subconscious warns: this person is insincere with you, and maybe does not love you.
  • You made up someone, and then washed off all the makeup: you will catch this person in a lie. If this person in your dream again put on his makeup, in real life he will wriggle out of an uncomfortable position and come out «dry of water.»

Was it hair dye?

  • Speaking in general, to dye your hair in a dream — to change. You really want them, and start with yourself.
  • Seeing that you are wearing a blonde, and also changing your haircut — fortunately. If at the same time you have dark hair and in real life you don’t plan to change their color at all, the dream says: don’t follow your principles, sometimes you don’t have to obey — without this you cannot achieve happiness.
  • You painted in blond, but also “in real” do you have blond hair? You are very impatient, but in vain!
  • If a brown-haired brown-haired woman repainted, it says: you are a very conservative person. Changes are not something you do not want — you are afraid of them.
  • Have you painted black? If at the same time you are blonde, the dream says: the time has come to act! In brunette repainted brown hair? The dream warns: you can be hurt by the influence of other people (or another person).
  • Have you painted in red? You dream of the attention of the opposite sex. You want to whirl the senses, but are afraid to take the first step towards an amorous adventure.

And what do the authors of the best books write?

Why dream that you are beautiful in the dream books of Miller, Lofa

Towards the end, we’ll traditionally introduce you to two books written by American psychoanalysts. By the way, David Loff is also a Christian pastor!

Dream Miller

  1. As this dream book emphasizes, a woman with very low self-esteem can make up herself and immediately wash herself in her sleep.
  2. If you tried to make a make-up in front of a mirror hung with a black cloth, you will soon be fooled by one of your close friends.
  3. Have you put blush on your cheekbones? This sign speaks of relationship problems.
  4. If you used the shadows, and put them on your eyelids, and also used instead of blush — soon you, not expecting it at all, will overhear the secret of someone close, if not a stranger.

Dream loft

If you have decided to change your hair color in a dream, this is a sign: your life will make a «sharp turn», changing beyond recognition. Wait quite a bit!

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