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Why dream that they stole the bag: interpretation of the dream books

Bag — a symbol of the road, small and personal values. If you dreamed that you stole a bag, such a dream should be interpreted as a warning.

You need to be prepared for the fact that personal information will become public, there will be gossip and trouble because of their own gullibility. Perhaps such a vision promises the loss of small objects, without which it is difficult to manage in everyday life, and anxiety due to trifles and own thoughts.

If you stole a bag in front of the dreamer and he did not remember the thief, you should not trust the people around you, as there is a deceiver among them. In the event that a person has recognized the offender, the dream is interpreted depending on who exactly stole the thing:

  • relative — to get rid of the hassle and old problems;
  • unfamiliar man — you need not to trust secrets even to reliable people, they may occasionally spill the word;
  • unfamiliar woman — deception and jealousy from the female;
  • loved one — to distrust and suspicion on his part;
  • close friend — in the near future he will need financial assistance and psychological support.

If the theft was committed by the Roma, the material life will worsen, and you will have to seek help from an influential person of high status. Most likely, he will not refuse.

For women, sleep has a symbolic meaning, since a bag is a daily thing, and losing it or stealing it in a dream means personal worries and anxieties over trifles. If the dreamer cannot find any object in it, then she is destined to become entangled in problems or fans.

For men, a dream with the theft of a bag predicts a meeting with a femme fatale who will fully control the thoughts and feelings of the dreaming person. If you steal a portfolio of documents — you should expect the resolution of cases in their favor. Pulled out of the bag wallet — to financial problems.

Catch up with the thief and recover the stolen — to be satisfied with their business and abilities, to solve issues on their own.

Why dream that they stole the bag: interpretation of the dream books

It is important to remember the place where the theft occurred. The interpretation depends on the place and situation around the dreamer:

A placeValue of sleep
In the shopFor purchases and upgrades that are perfect and will cause envy
On the streetIf the street is dark, the dreamer is disturbed by personal fears and self-doubt
In crowdA person feels lonely and on a subconscious level wants to be more often in large companies, where he hopes to meet a soul mate
On roadIf you stole a bag in time for walking along the road and there was no one around, you need not to tackle a job that is difficult to handle alone
In transportDream predicts the road and the upcoming excitement about forgetfulness. The dreamer will not take the necessary thing on the road and will worry about it

If the owner of a dream himself has stolen a similar thing from someone, it means that he is jealous of more successful and beautiful people.

Why dream that they stole the bag: interpretation of the dream books

It is important to remember what color the bag was stolen, its size and purpose. If she:

  • black — it speaks of the modesty of its owner;
  • white — dreamer — romantic nature;
  • brown — a serious attitude towards life;
  • red — the owner is extremely passionate;
  • blue — dreaming is able to plan and anticipate the result.

Interpretation depending on the material from which the thing is made:

  • leather — the dreamer is afraid of being left without livelihoods;
  • cloth — his mental balance becomes fragile, and he needs the support of loved ones;
  • thatch — The owner of the dream has a rich imagination and original thinking.

Value according to the form:

What bag was stolenDream interpretation
  • A large, full and clean travel bag predicts a pleasant ride and good impressions from it.
  • The old one is unwillingness to leave, leave the house or meet with anyone.
  • Half empty or empty — to a bad road or fears that something bad will happen on a trip
SportsIn real life, the owner of the dream is experiencing an unspoken competition with colleagues or friends.
Lady’sFor a love adventure, which will be known to all friends
  • For a man: a competitor and an ill-wisher will appear in business or work, but thanks to his abilities he can be easily circumvented.
  • For a woman: a meeting with a man of intellectual work
The oldTo get rid of problems, profits and new opportunities
NewUnfortunately, insults and disappointment

If they steal an empty bag, the dreamer is waiting for profits, gifts and pleasant acquaintances. If the thief has returned theft, then the dreamer is a conscientious person who worries because he has offended someone.

If a passerby returned the bag, in real life one should be more attentive, kinder and grateful with people who are always close by.

Also, the dream foreshadows difficulties on the way for short distances, if the bag was small, and for long — if the bag is of impressive size.

Why dream that they stole the bag: interpretation of the dream books

The correct interpretation of the dream depends on what was in the stolen bag:

  • Keys. For meetings, bargaining and consolidating business and personal relationships.
  • Women’s accessories. Such a dream predicts a pleasant meeting with women (for men) or girlfriends (for women).
  • Purse. To losses, if the owner of sleep is sure that the wallet is full, and to profit, if it is empty.
  • Phone. To conversations that will become the property of society and will serve as the causes of rumors.
  • Documents. You should be careful with your promises and not scatter words. There may be problems with documentation, loans and law enforcement.

Theft of a bag with money means unreasonable expenses of the owner of a dream and short financial difficulties.

If you dream that the bag was empty — in reality you should expect disappointment and unfulfilled hopes.

If in a dream a thief pulled this thing out of his hands and objects or things fell out of it — in reality you need to get rid of extraneous thoughts, feelings and people and move on without the burden of the past.

In interpreting a dream with the loss of a bag, famous dream books provide the following interpretations:

Dream interpretationMeaning of dream
MillerIf a bag was stolen in a dream, you should not rush to make decisions and do not trust the advice of a close woman if the bag is female
  • Theft of an item means receiving news, a long-awaited meeting and an unexpected surprise.
  • If the theft happened before the dreamer’s eyes, disappointment and longing for close people are waiting for him
  • The dream promises inheritance and profit.
  • If the bag is ugly, old or empty — gray and boring life
  • Item theft means profits, gifts, and good news.
  • If the bag is ugly, old or dirty, then you should wait for gossip and envious
FreudThe bag symbolizes female sexuality and sexual organs. If she is new, beautiful and clean, it means that a woman is healthy, she has good self-esteem and she knows how to choose the right partner. Big or old says about the desire to diversify sex life and the weakness of the moral principles of the owner
  • If the bag was heavy, then in real life a person will have an easy life period.
  • Expensive leather or brand thing foreshadows wealth and profits.
  • If you want to cry after the theft, then in reality there will be a reason to rejoice and have fun with friends
MuslimDreams about theft are the most negative dreams in Islam: they symbolize the unclean thoughts and actions of a person who had a dream about bag theft
  • To see the bag stolen by someone — to be glad that troubles will pass by.
  • To steal yourself is to form a bad opinion of yourself.
  • A bag was stolen from a dreamer — a person has to learn about someone’s unseemly deed

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