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Why dream that the cat gave birth to kittens?

Why dream that the cat gave birth to kittens?

Newborn little kittens foreshadow troubles and minor problems in life. Why dream that the cat gave birth to kittens?

The interpretation of this dream is ambiguous and depends on many related details, for example, your emotional state when observing an event.

Why dream that the cat gave birth to kittens?

General interpretation

Sleeping with a giving birth cat does not promise success, but brings disappointment in all areas of activity:

  • scheduled transactions will not take place;
  • at work can expect reprimand from the authorities;
  • in private life, there is a trick on the part of close people.

If the dreamer himself started an intrigue against someone, the disclosure of secrets and failure in what he intended are expected. If the dreamer on the eve of a quarrel with someone, the offended person develops a plan for revenge.

The birth of dead kittens warns: you should blame only yourself for all the failures. Dreamer own deeds and deeds caused himself harm.

To resolve this situation will have to make a lot of effort and effort.

This dream is a warning to a married woman about the double life of a spouse: you have a rival. If the dreamer has enemies, the birth of dead kittens foreshadows their fiasco.

Killing kittens in a dream is a very bad sign.

Men are born kittens dream of a self-serving lover. Your chosen one is burning with passion not for you, but for your money or property.

Do not believe the words of the girl, look at her actions, facial expressions and listen carefully to the intonation of the voice.

However, if the dreamer experienced positive emotions during the vision, the dream foreshadows good. The more fluffy clumps were born, the happier the events will be.

Also, a large number of newborn kittens may herald new acquaintances with interesting and useful people, a pleasant pastime in the company.

Also tiny defenseless lumps can warn you that someone needs your support and help. And for girls, this dream may herald an unexpected pregnancy.

Why dream that the cat gave birth to kittens?

Coat color cat

When interpreting a dream, the coat color of the animal matters, if the dreamer paid attention to this:

The white cat symbolizes the lack of direction in the life of the dreamer: the person does not know how to act correctly, wanders in the dark. You should understand your feelings, intentions and plans, determine the purpose in life.

A black cat warns a woman about the presence of a strong rival who achieves her goal by any means. Intrigue, gossip, meanness you provided. The dreamer faces a difficult struggle to control his beloved man.

In no case should the situation be left to chance.

Red cats symbolize the activity of enemies at work: the dreamer expects a lot of unpleasant moments associated with a career:

  • reputation is compromised;
  • slander and slander can ruin business contacts with reliable partners.

For unmarried girls, a red cat with kittens warns that a third person intends to make a quarrel with her beloved. Someone deliberately slanders and undermines the girl’s reputation.

Multi-colored cat warns: the dreamer should pay more attention to the spouse and children. Recently, you have been busy working and abandoned family affairs.

Take a break from work problems, pay attention to family problems.

Little Newborn Kittens

To see a blind newborn kitten — a warning not to bring the situation to a standstill. Now you are able to cope with the upcoming troubles, a little more — and it will be too late.

It is better now to take control of the situation than to later disentangle the cooked steep porridge.

A young girl’s dream about newborn kittens warns to rethink their behavior. The dreamer looks frivolous in the eyes of others, and this can lead to problems in communication.

You should also reconsider your communication with young people: someone wants to use the frivolity and credulity of the girl.

The plot in which the dreamer is holding a newborn kitten in his hands, advises to become bolder. You are too insecure in your abilities, you are afraid of much and are afraid to take decisive steps.

If in the dream there was a story of saving a newborn kitten from death, it means that in life problems will be successfully resolved. Dreamer expects victory over the circumstances.

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