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Why dream that crying in a dream?

Why dream that crying in a dream?

There is nothing wrong with the fact that people cry. Moreover, tears often do not mean fallen problems, but, on the contrary, joy and fun.

But it also happens that a person cries in a dream, without having any valid reasons for it. Like any other dream, spilled tears carry a deep meaning, having analyzed which, one can predict fate and even try to avoid any problems.

Why dream cry in a dream?

Unreasonable crying

Why dream that crying in a dream?

Sometimes people in a dream cry, shed their tears in a continuous stream, but they cannot understand the reason for this. This is a gratuitous cry, which can be interpreted as you like and as you like, the result of the analysis depends largely on the accompanying circumstances.

  • Crying strong man is in a closed room, no explicit exit. Such a dream, more often than not, does not serve as an omen of any event, it is a reflection of the current emotional state. For example, if a person has large debts with which he cannot pay, such a dream may “come” to him several times during the night.
  • Strong crying in open space, man dressed in dark clothes. Such a dream may be an omen of rapid changes in life, often not the most pleasant. For example, a break in relations with your closest friend is often accompanied by similar dreams. Changes should be expected approximately 5–7 days after the night revelation.
  • If crying in a dream is very bitter and unrestrained, and tears at the same time fall to the ground or irrigate vegetation, then you need to wait for a soon pleasant event. If tears fall on the flowers, and they grow from this right in front of your eyes, then financial growth is possible soon. But do not confuse this with simple flowers that are not watered with tears. Such a dream is a harbinger of death.
  • If tears flow hail, and all sunlit around, then soon an unexpected love affair is possible. But it is worth being careful — such novels often end in real tears due to treason or betrayal.

Tears — a powerful energy carrier. Even seen in a dream, they are able to provide the groundwork for analyzing the current life and provide information about upcoming events.

Do not forget only one subtlety — sometimes tears in a dream do not serve as a precursor of any changes, but as a result of experiences because of what has already happened before.

Weeping caused by specific reasons

Different dream books interpret tears in a dream in different ways. Someone claims that this is for joy, others say that to grief. Both are right, the question is in the circumstances.

If crying in a dream is accompanied by specific reasons, then it is likely that this message is from a higher power, which is a precursor of any events.

If, for example, you cry because cut the bow, This is a sign of an imminently lost struggle. It can be a lawsuit, confrontation with a spouse in a certain matter or a concession to the child in his request to go to the camp for a month.

As you can see, the severity of events can vary, it depends on how much crying accompanies the dream.

If crying occurs from rubbing horseradish on a fine grater, this may be an early sign of the destruction of the family. Events are likely to be associated with treason or betrayal.

You will probably find the love correspondence of your spouse, or maybe you will find him in the process. If you suddenly had such a dream, then you should increase your vigilance and begin to closely monitor the behavior of your husband, but only without fanaticism!

If you dream that a close person dies, and while you can not hold back tears, it is worth reconsidering the relationship in the family and with friends. It is possible that you constantly offend someone, without noticing it. But such circumstances can destroy friendship or, worse, the whole family.

Such a dream may be the result of a recent quarrel. If it took place, then it is necessary to go to reconciliation as soon as possible, because such a dream may indicate a deepening of the insult from a close person.

Why dream that crying in a dream?

Believe it or not?

The answer to this question depends, first of all, on your intuition. If she hardly fails, then you should listen to your dreams.

But even if everything is bad with the intuitive perception of the world, such dreams should not be ignored either. At times, sensitivity can manifest itself suddenly, at a relatively mature age.

Even if the dream could not predict the future, one should pay attention to the tears shed in the “embrace of Morpheus”. They can talk about nervous breakdown, as well as the presence of problems that need to be urgently addressed!

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