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Why dream quarrel: with mom, with a girlfriend, quarrel with a loved one in a dream

After waking up from an unpleasant night vision, I naturally want to know what to expect in reality when a quarrel dreams. Sources give different explanations for this story, and take into account various details.

Dream Miller treats the quarrel in a dream as an opportunity to swear in reality. Married woman to participate in squabble — hint.

It is necessary to protect family relationships, as the possible discord.

Why dream quarrel: with mom, with a girlfriend, quarrel with a loved one in a dream

Dream Vanga considers the quarrel with his mother as a real aggravation in the relationship with someone. The dreamer will consider himself the guilty party, but in fact it is the result of an opponent’s skillful manipulation.

According to the dream book of Sigmund Freud, when a quarrel and a fight between people of different sexes dream, this is a reflection of the subconscious propensity to violent sexual games. On the latent homosexual inclinations hints violent squabble with a friend of the same sex.

Dream Eugene Tsvetkova interprets the quarrel with a stranger as a new occupation. A quarrel with a friend or girlfriend warns of possible losses.

Dreams of Dmitriy and Nadezhda Zima Considers the dream in the face of dissatisfaction with reality. Thus the hidden evil finds a way out.

Quarrel with mom warns that only through his own fault can you get into a difficult situation. Also, intense sleep is interpreted as a strong emotion about the health of the parent.

Quarrel with Father also serves as a cautionary symbol. All actions must be carefully counted, and then get out of trouble.

For parents, a quarrel in a dream with children does not mean that such conflicts will flare up in reality. Such a vision means a sense of frustration to be experienced.

Quarrel with a young man is a symbol of readiness for significant financial costs. However, the dream warns that the satisfaction of the purchase will not bring.

Psychologists believe that having a dream with a beloved boyfriend is getting rid of negative emotions. After such a subconscious purification, the relationship will be harmonious and cloudless.

Quarrel with the former Beloved in the dream indicates that the conflict during the separation still has a negative impact on the relationship of sleeping with other men. However, in the business sphere, this story promises good luck.

When dream quarrel with husband, You should definitely take into account the emotions experienced in the dream. Tears and great disappointment signal the approach of an unfavorable period. It is possible that some of the family members will feel unwell, difficulties in communicating with colleagues and relatives.

If the dreaming quarrel with the spouse is not upset, the plot has a good meaning. The family of dreamers will enjoy harmony, they will also experience sudden joy.

Quarrel With girl is an expression of accumulated irritation. Resetting negative energy will help maintain the warmth of the relationship.

If in a dream quarrel with my wife occurred at the initiative of the sleeper, it is a precursor to positive change. When the initiator of the conflict is devout, misunderstandings with the household cannot be avoided.

Quarrel with the former considered a warning of impending problems. However, a dream indicates where to expect troubles: obvious ill-wishers will be the culprits of trouble.

Quarrel with a man indicates a lack of positive emotions. For all asleep, regardless of gender, such a dream symbolizes dissatisfaction with the existing relationship.

Quarrel With a woman foreshadows a period filled with scandalous situations. At work, clashes with colleagues may occur, and it is likely to get a verbal reprimand from superiors.

Quarrel with a colleague interpreted in the opposite way. Nayava there is a desire to resolve all contradictions.

When dream quarrel with the dead, do not be afraid of this plot. The treatment points to the inner contradictions of the sleeper.

Dreamer quarrel with relatives reflects an attempt to hide one’s own emotions for the image of external politeness, mainly — irritation. But to preserve equanimity is not always possible.

Quarrel with sister warns that the planned case will cause the negative attitude of the dreamed relative to reality. It is important to realize which compromises the sleeper is willing to make, and whether it is worth making concessions.

Quarrel with brother means discord in a relationship with him. In order not to cause offense, it is important to monitor your deeds and actions.

Why dream quarrel: with mom, with a girlfriend, quarrel with a loved one in a dream

Dreamer quarrel with mother in law prompts that sleeping is negatively influenced by the opinion of strangers. Nayavu will be difficult to find a common language in the team.

Quarrel with Grandma means that vitality is significantly reduced. Decisions must be carefully considered in order not to make an annoying mistake.

If a quarrel in a dream occurred with the authorities, in a career, thanks to hard work, there will be a significant leap up. However, the home will get less attention, and likely resentment.

Dreamed squabble with neighbors warns that in reality it is necessary to firmly treat attempts to ruffle and not to enter into conflicts.

Quarrel with a friend indicates the presence of a certain secret, hindering complete trust. It is necessary to accept the presence of this mystery.

Quarrel with a friend interpreted in the opposite way. There is a strong relationship, and at any moment this person is ready to rush to help.

Quarrel with a familiar woman or a friend, personifies internal disharmony.

One of the sources suggests taking into account the time of the year when the squabble has dreamed up. In the winter — to the family conflict, in the summer — to complications between loving people.

The altercation in the spring warns against the squabbles in reality, because a serious scandal may flare up, possibly with the assault.

A quarrel in a dream can cause almost real emotions, but you should not worry and be upset. In general, interpretations do not carry negative omens.

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