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Why dream quarrel with mom about dream books and interpretations of the basic meanings of the dream

What does a quarrel with a mother in a dream mean and how to understand the interpretation of the dream book

A quarrel with a mother in a dream has a cause in the accumulated resentment in reality. In a dream, you are either afraid of a quarrel, trying to hide some kind of offense, or you want to quickly express what you think. Try to remember what exactly is happening in your dream, and you will figure out who is causing the conflict.

Having clarified this issue, you can try to solve problems without a quarrel. Maybe you fearlessly fear the wrath of the mother or feel guilty.

We will understand why a quarrel with a mom is dreaming about dream books.

Why dream quarrel with mom about dream books and interpretations of the basic meanings of the dream

Basic Values

Quarrel in a dream is considered a sign of smoldering conflict, misunderstanding, disagreement, active concern. A quarrel with a mother is a rather ridiculous situation, since both parties, as a rule, wish each other only good.

In some cases, mutual goodness is so energetic that it causes a feeling of protest, if not in reality, then at least in a dream.

Indeed, if in reality you do not want to upset the mother, then at least in a dream you have the right to refuse to eat porridge and carrot cutlets. In a dream, you can throw away the mittens with an elastic band, pour the soup into the dustbin and return home late or even stay overnight in another city on another hemisphere, in a place without a telephone, electricity and exact address.

A quarrel can be viewed as a desire to break free from parental control.

  • Quarrels in a dream because of your fault usually mean excessive custody by the mother, excessive anxiety.
  • Swearing and finding out the relationship develop into a fight — you diligently suppress aggression, anger, and are ready to impose your point of view. Most likely, you dream of punishing your mother for some real or imaginary misconduct, spank her and get her repentant for mistakes in your upbringing. We hope you understand that in reality this is an absolutely disastrous scenario. To get rid of irritation, move away from your parents, visit them a couple of times a year, if they do not need extra care.
  • The female dream book argues that if you fail to cope with your quick-tempered character, it can cause unhappiness, rashly harsh actions, which will have to be greatly regretted.
  • If a quarrel with a mother in a dream turns into a quarrel with the whole family — this is an occasion to think, maybe all these people do not want you to be evil, and you are mistaken about them. On the other hand, even if your opinion is wrong, you are entitled to make your mistakes in your life if you are ready to pay for them. Think over your decisions again and carefully consider all possible consequences.
  • Leaving home in the heat of quarrel is a denial of the usual framework and principles. Perhaps you want to build something of your own and without advice from the outside.
  • If you live with your family, away from your parents, a quarrel in a dream may mean that your mother has problems that you can help solve. Looks like you are very attached to your family and miss your parents.
  • Quarrels over money, place of residence, show lack of independence and unwillingness to solve their problems. If you see a row with a relative with your mother about the inheritance — you should be wary of this person, he can really try to claim your share. The situation is complicated by the fact that talking about the inheritance of a living person seems indelicate.
  • The dispute that develops into a quarrel is evidence of a bright keen nature. It seems that you are looking for a conflict out of the blue and are trying to find fault with any trifles. Nothing terrible. Those who love you are accustomed to your characteristics, although they hope for mutual manifestations of tolerance to the complexities of character. But, if you continue to find fault, you can be alone at the very moment when help is needed.

Why dream quarrel with mom about dream books and interpretations of the basic meanings of the dream

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Vanga prophesies serious problems if you do not immediately try to figure out what is wrong. Your mom may need help. If in a dream you see that someone is loudly quarreling with his mother in public — get ready for trouble because of the unpleasant behavior of colleagues.
  • The female dream book argues that quarrels in a dream sometimes have exactly opposite values. You see a problem that can cause disagreement and are willing to spend time and energy on its solution and the prevention of real scandals.
  • Swearing in a dream with your husband’s mom — you will have to be delicate in reality and try not to notice biting remarks, to bypass sharp corners. Do not fall for provocations and look for a favorable position. Swearing with the mother of a girlfriend or boyfriend — you are too responsive and some may find this wonderful quality an obsession and a desire to get into other people’s affairs. Pull yourself away from problems that really do not concern you, even if you really know an excellent solution. There are many ways to communicate your opinion without engaging in quarrels or direct contacts. Let people decide for themselves how to live.
  • Dream Miller considers the quarrel in a dream as a whole, as a sign of frustrated nerves. In a dream you need to rest. If even in a dream you are trying to sort things out with your close people, you may need to tidy up the nervous system, relax, change the situation, take a vacation.

Why dream quarrel with mom about dream books and interpretations of the basic meanings of the dream


Family scandals, especially a quarrel with a mother in a dream, show a high level of your anxiety about parents. If you didn’t care, dreams wouldn’t just touch these topics.

Try to calm yourself, call more often and find out how things are, try to help. Put your nerves in order, take care of your health.

The best thing for this is some fascinating hobby that requires attention and patience.

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