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Why dream quarrel with a loved one?

Why dream quarrel with a loved one?

Events in a dream often have quite the opposite meaning than in real life. For example, to see oneself dead — to a long life, tears — to a part, and a cheerful dance in a dream can foreshadow big troubles. Why dream quarrel with a loved one?

Such a plot has several opposing interpretations that depend on the details accompanying the quarrel.

Why dream quarrel with a loved one?

General interpretation

Tears in a dream do not cause the dreamer to be disturbed. Crying from resentment — to happy events in life. If you have a dream in which you cry after a quarrel with a loved one, expect a pleasant surprise.

Quarrel is always a release of negative emotions, and it is better to throw out these emotions in the world of dreams, than in real life. That is why psychologists regard viewing horror films as a positive phenomenon for the psyche: a person is freed from energy and psychological “dirt”.

Consider the options for the plot of the dream:

  • you quarrel violently with an emotional outburst, but do not break up;
  • your quarrel leads to a complete rupture of relations;
  • you quarrel with a former lover;
  • you see a fight with your own husband.

If the quarrel happened violently, with the clarification of the relationship, but at the end of the skirmish you did not split up — this is considered to be a sign of favorable changes in the relationship. Soon your union will become stronger, it will reach a new emotional level.

A quarrel with a fight is considered especially favorable.

If swearing led to parting — beware of a rival. Perhaps she has already appeared on the horizon and is trying to lead a loved one, attaches to this all the women’s tricks and tricks.

Dreamed of quarreling with your former beloved? It means that a secret soul connection has been preserved between you, and there is a chance to restore the relationship.

However, if your separation happened with a stormy showdown, the dream of a quarrel is a continuation of the experiences of this event: the conflict is not resolved and requires further clarification of the relationship. If the dreamer is not going to restore relations with the former, a quarrel in a dream can indicate the liberation of the heart and readiness to meet with a new man.

Quarrel with her beloved husband in a dream is not a positive phenomenon: soon your family will suffer misfortune or someone from close relatives will fall ill. A bad sign is the expulsion of her husband from the house after swearing.

However, if during a quarrel the dreamer remains calm and does not show violent emotions, then we should expect a warming of the marital relationship.

The value of sleep by day of the week

The interpretation of a dream often changes depending on the day of the week on which the plot was seen:

  • on Monday night — wait for a real clarification of your relationship with your loved one;
  • on the night of Tuesday — the beloved lacks your tenderness and care;
  • on Wednesday night — warns about a rival;
  • on Thursday night — a loved one will become a significant person in your life;
  • on Friday night — predicts a real conflict;
  • on Saturday night — you offended your lover with something;
  • on Sunday night — your beloved is not sincere with you and he conceals something.

Why dream quarrel with a loved one?

Dream interpretation

  • The dream of psychologist Miller He sees in this dream a foreshadowing of a real quarrel with close people (not necessarily with a loved one).
  • Dream interpretation Tsvetkova warns: you will soon expect a significant loss. Wait for trouble.
  • French dream book considers the plot from the positive side. Soon you will have a pleasant surprise and good luck.
  • Dream Medea considers sleep prophesy. Review your relationship with your loved one and try to prevent a conflict situation.
  • Dreaming Veles warns of gossip behind your back. Envy were up in arms of the dreamer and will try to harm.
  • Dream Dream Thelomena considers the plot from the positive side. A surprise and happy news awaits you.
  • Modern dream book foreshadows the strengthening of relations between lovers. Quarrel in a dream — fortunately.

A quarrel with a loved one is an undesirable phenomenon even in dreams. If you quarrel with your loved one in real life and continue to do so in a dream, think about your relationship.

Often, plots in the world of dreams are a continuation of our thoughts in real life, and a quarrel is not the best possible event. The alarm is a feeling of euphoria from a quarrel with a loved one in a dream: it foreshadows constant minor conflicts in real relationships.

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