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Why dream of work

What dreams of dreamwork

To determine what the dream of the work, try to remember everything that you saw in a dream, in detail. This will help to choose the most correct interpretation.

I brought in this article forecasts of dream books, which I use myself — most often they come true.

Family Dream

These interpretations have been selected for centuries. They contain the deep wisdom of the people, their culture, superstition, will accept.

Forecasts for Family Dream will suit conservative people who honor traditions.

Why dream of work

  1. Lose a job — to the fear of the upcoming life changes. The dreamer will have to make an important decision that can change a lot in his life. And he is very afraid that he will make the wrong choice.
  2. Working hard is an unfavorable sign that promises nothing but trouble. Negative events that will happen to you in the near future will primarily affect the financial situation.
  3. Doing your favorite job is an auspicious sign. He says that in real life you always go to meet the desires of your soul and only do what you like. Continue in the same spirit.
  4. Another person works — to trouble at work in reality. Someone from a colleague will “nastuch” on you superiors, and you will have to make excuses for a long time, proving your innocence. If you fail to defend yourself, you may be demoted.
  5. Active physical labor — to success in business. If you have clear goals, you can easily get what you want. If not, it’s time to plan what you want.
  6. Telling other people what they need to do at work — you have to make an important decision that will affect your whole future life. Try to make the right choice, which will not have to regret.

Dream Miller

These predictions will appeal to those who love psychology and believe in the capabilities of the human unconscious.

Why dream of work

  1. To work hard in a dream — to success in matters that are of great importance to you. You will direct all the energy to achieve your goals, and this will help to get a good result.
  2. Watch how others work — after a series of troubles, you will finally take heart and be able to look to the future with hope. A favorable period in your life will come.
  3. Seeing job openings is a matter that you do now that will benefit you. Do not stop there and keep moving forward.
  4. Dismissal from work dreams to some difficulties in life. But you can easily overcome them, while maintaining a positive attitude. It is important to remember that your thoughts are material and to concentrate on the good.
  5. To entrust the work to another person — to trouble in his career. You may expect a demotion or monetary penalties for blunders and negligence. But you can fix it if you begin to fulfill your duties in good faith.
  6. A woman’s work dreams to hard work in real life. She will have to sacrifice her own interests in order to receive a material reward.

Big Dream

It contains universal interpretations that suit every person.

Why dream of work

Here are these predictions:

  1. Work dreams to prosperity and success in the financial sphere of your life. You are able to achieve the level of affluence to which you aspire. Set ambitious goals, even if they seem to be impractical.
  2. You were an employer in a dream — to health problems. In life, you take on too much responsibility, because of what you feel a lack of strength. This may sooner or later lead to serious illness.
  3. Resigning from work — good luck in business. You have fallen into the stream of luck, so life will provide you with plenty of opportunities for self-realization and career growth. Strengthen this flow can be engaged in spiritual development, so that there is a balance in all areas of your life.
  4. Watch the work of a large number of people — to wealth. It may fall on you completely unexpectedly. Buy a lottery ticket — the chance to win a lot from you now.
  5. Physical work — to the fact that you are temporarily removed from work. These need to be fought, because after your absence you may lose your job altogether. Another candidate will come to your place.
  6. If you dream about the work you do in real life, then this is an unfavorable sign. He promises wrenching from the authorities. The manager decides to find fault with some trifles in order to punish you and fine you.
  7. Work as an assistant in the household — you have to give up personal life for the sake of prosperity. You have to make a serious choice and decide what is more important for you — money or love.
  8. Get a job — you have to defend your opinion before the people around you. You will literally go against all that can provoke a wave of condemnation and envy.
  9. Take time off at work — to the unpleasant situation in which you find yourself due to the wrong decision you made in the past. It is important to draw the right conclusions in order not to make such mistakes in the future.
  10. Hard physical labor is a reminder of the subconscious that you need to concentrate on more important things and stop spraying energy into the void. Determine what your goals are most significant and start to achieve them.
  11. Watch how men work — to dissatisfaction with the sexual life. You are not satisfied with the partner and you want to change it.

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  • A dream about work often talks about future events in your real career. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to it. You can find out what to expect in the future.
  • Often such a dream promises problems with money or, conversely, an increase in income. To understand what the future holds for you, analyze the dream, remembering all its details.
  • Remember that you can always change the adverse prognosis if you begin to act decisively and take responsibility for everything that happens to you in life.

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