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Why dream of winter in summer?

What dreams of winter in summer — dream book

Why dream of winter in summer? You may be yearning for entertainments that are only available during the cold season — you are dreaming rather to go ice skating or skiing, dreaming about the New Year holidays.

But such a “cold” dream may be a forerunner of various events awaiting you in real life.

Why dream of winter in summer?

Interpretations of popular dream books

Each of the authors of popular dream books has his own opinion about what winter might be like in summer. We share the best interpretations of reliable and reputable sources.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

If a winter had a dream in summer, it’s fine. This means that your financial situation will get better — you will finally be able to solve financial problems and get out of the current crisis.

If you dreamed not just winter, but very cold, bad weather, blizzard, problems in relations with the second half are coming. Married people will survive the crisis, unmarried couples — strong conflicts.

Dream interpretation Hasse

If a harsh winter dreamed of in the summer a man or woman who do not have the second half yet, the dreamer will be drawn into a tedious, destructive relationship. The partner will be a tyrant and will try to dictate their terms.

Why dream of winter in summer?

And similar a dream for a married man means a strong fear in the future: to worry about the health of the second half.

Dreamy longo

If you dreamed you in the cold winter you stand outside without clothes or dressed like a summer, it means that in real life you prefer to evaluate people not by words but by deeds. This is the right approach, but because of it, one often has to give up on others.

French dream book

If in the warm season you have a dream about winter, did you feel cold, this is an auspicious sign. Such a dream is usually a person who is under the reliable protection of his guardian angel.

Therefore, the dreamer is not afraid of life difficulties and scrapes.

Folk predictions

For the interpretation of dreams, you can refer to the popular predictions. Try to remember all the details of the events happening to you in the realm of Morpheus.

It is best to try to solve the dream in the morning, when the memories are still stored in memory. If you are afraid that you will forget a dream in the evening, write it down on paper, waking up in the morning.

Why dream of winter in summer?

Here are the most popular folk predictions:

  • If the winter dreamed of a girl in the summer, she should pay special attention to her health. It is likely that she will get sick. But this can be avoided if you consult a doctor in time and identify the disease at an early stage.
  • In the small Veles dream book it is indicated that a dream in which you are cold, uncomfortable, may foreshadow favorable events in the near future. You will start a new life, leaving unpleasant people and problems in the past
  • Gustav Miller, the author of another popular dream book, believed that winter dreams of hard and tedious physical work. We’ll have to work hard. You will be very tired, but you will not achieve the desired result.
  • If you dreamed of a very snowy winter, you saw a bunch of snowdrifts and a lot of snow, this is an auspicious sign. In real life, luck and luck will accompany you in all your endeavors.
  • According to the authors of the esoteric dream book, winter, dreamed of in the summer, promises a wage increase, career growth. It is also likely a big win in the lottery. In any case, you are “threatened” with an improvement in the financial situation and the resolution of financial problems.

Treatment of sleep depends on the time of year in which the dreamer was born. For example:

  • If winter dreamed of an autumn birthday in the summer, then in real life the dreamer expects a new, strong feeling for a person of the opposite sex. Perhaps you expect a stormy and rich with bright emotions of the novel. It will end quickly, but it will remain in your heart for a long time.
  • A summer birthday man, who saw winter in summer in a dream, can expect troubles. You may get sick — due to illness, you will have to leave work for a long time, which also poses financial difficulties.
  • If the dreamer’s birthday is in spring, he should wait for a series of minor troubles. Problems with colleagues or superiors, quarrels with a loved one or family members are likely. If you behave prudently, the black band will soon end, and life will return to normal
  • If the dreamer celebrates his birthday in winter, then the dream — to great luck and a lot of positive emotions. In real life, you will soon experience great joy, euphoria, falling in love, and all things will end successfully.

See in the video what else winter might dream about:

Other interpretations

Did not find a suitable interpretation? Try to choose from the following list:

  • Dreamed of how you swim in the hole in the winter, while in real life it is summer outside? This means that you are very independent of the opinions of others. I’m used to relying only on my own point of view and never take the lead of anyone.
  • Did you see how it rains in winter? Such a dream promises joyous news that will inspire you and inspire great things.
  • If in a dream you felt bad, were upset, tired, then in real life you will have to experience similar feelings. Possible depression, out of which quickly will not work
  • If the dreamer is a young guy, there is a high probability of entering into an unhappy marriage, which sooner or later will end in divorce
  • And if the dream was a dream of a girl, soon she will go on an exciting journey, get a lot of impressions and positive emotions
  • A married man is a winter in the summer dreaming of strong feelings for the health of his wife. Married women — to career growth and success in business

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