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Why dream of white shoes on the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller, Tsvetkov

Dreamed of white shoes, how to interpret according to dream books

For all our life we ​​have to change a single pair of shoes. Many people take the choice of worthy shoes very seriously.

But why dream of white shoes in dreams try to find out in different dream books.

In what shoes, in that and you will become

In mythology, shoes were a symbol of magical power. It was only worn by noble and rich women. It was an indicator of status, power, wealth, freedom of manners.

White color is a sign of purity, refinement, youth and spirituality.

White shoes in dreams personify more material wealth and values ​​than spiritual benefits. In some dream books, it is a symbol of feminine charms and the beginnings of its essence.

Therefore, for women such a plot often promises the acquisition of marital status. Men can be reminded of a change in the scope of their business, lifestyle, or place of residence.

Why dream of white shoes on the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller, Tsvetkov

If the shoes are soiled, worn and delivers aesthetic and moral discomfort to the dreamer, then most likely this will be a warning to you of the onset of difficulties and crucial moments of fate.

A woman is dressed smartly and put on shoes, but things will not be

For an unmarried girl to try on new white shoes is a good reason to think about a wedding celebration. You are more than ever full of charm, purity and tenderness.

Very soon a young man will meet on your way ready to make you an offer.

Stepping around the office in high heels — to a rapid career growth. Your energy and performance will not go unnoticed by the management, but do not try to hypocrite and fawn to get a new position.

Otherwise, you will lose the authority and respect of your colleagues.

White ballet flats on their feet dream of those who in reality do not have enough vitality. You are inactive and very melancholic.

Minor troubles are ready to spoil your mood for a long period.

Why dream of white shoes on the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller, Tsvetkov

I saw how an old but favorite pair of light sandals was taken from the wardrobe — you were pulled into the parental nest. There is a lot of what I want to share with loved ones or you need advice to solve a complex issue.

It is prudent of you to find an opportunity and visit relatives.

The man is fussy, caring: shoes, soared

To see oneself in white shoes means to arrive in good physical shape, while possessing spiritual harmony, wisdom and sobriety of reason. You should have no doubt about the success of your business.

Your actions are correct and debugged. Do not interfere with more perseverance and confidence.

Lacquered snow-white boots dream of those who start life from scratch. Courage to you, now more than ever accompanies you a happy occasion.

Favorable time for traveling, changing the scope of your activities, learning new religions, learning languages.

Slapping around the office in large size slippers is a hint of your high self-esteem. Colleagues perceive you too arrogant and arrogant.

It would be a mistake to try to gain authority with such behavior.

Why dream of white shoes on the dream books of Freud, Vanga, Miller, Tsvetkov

On the eve of important negotiations, you are dreaming about how tight your shoes are — you are too modest and constrained, perhaps you feel insecure or you do not quite understand the topic of a business meeting. In any case, there is still time to prepare and sort things out.

After all, this may depend on your future additional source of income.

Choose a classic pair of bright shoes in the store — to the novelty of your feelings, attitudes and moods.

Rich protects feet, poor — shoes. Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

White shoes personify the feminine, and men’s legs. Therefore, comfortable and beautiful shoes on the foot — this is an ideal and pleasurable intimate relationship to which men and women aspire.

Your shoes are too tight — you feel indifferent to your partner, your feelings have long since cooled, and the desire to part with this person increases every day.

If a pair of sandals is great for you and flies off your foot, the thought of your inexperience in sex life does not leave you. You experience uncertainty and doubts about your own attractiveness.

You rub beautiful white shoes with cream — in reality you feel satisfaction from your beloved and strive for a permanent relationship with him.

A man looks into the store sandals — is committed to new love adventures. If you quickly try on one pair after another — in reality you want a quick sexual discharge.

He chooses slowly, looking at the heel, color, form — in real life is very restrained and morally stable, does not need any dubious adventures.

Soiled white sandals — a sign of problems with the health of the genitals.

Bright shoes promise the dreamer new uncharted roads and adventures. Women dress new white shoes — it means to meet a lover and start a family.

Remove flip-flops with his feet — in reality, a change of residence or a long trip is expected. To walk around the hut in the shoes — to experience discomfort from communicating with loved ones, some of the relatives are trying to hide something from you.

They saw corns and bellies on their feet — a moment of conversation with the annoying person about the break of your relationship is brewing. This may be related to business or family relationships.

Gustov Miller

I saw how another man shod your favorite pair of shoes — expect an opponent to appear on the horizon that will not let you sleep well with your lover. He will be very persuasive in his feelings and will interest your other half.

A white pair of boots is a good sign for those who strive for bright pure feelings and mutual understanding with others. Your love for the people and the work you started will bring a worthy reward in the form of grateful workers and decent dividends from profits.

Seeing yourself barefoot — in reality involves a painful separation and loneliness. There will come a period of your rethinking of values ​​and getting rid of previous views on life.

They stole shoes, leaving you only laces — in reality you will have to part with something in order to gain the best. This stage will be held under the motto of the formation of character and willpower of the individual.

The woman began to see someone staring at her high-heeled legs intently — in the coming days you should be wary of casual acquaintances and suspicious fans. Such meetings can end unfavorably, with the possible loss or theft of funds.

Tight footwear, also not laced, promises minor health problems or financial difficulties.

Dreamed someone’s worn boots — to the obstacles and undermine credibility. Someone from the environment is trying to use your business relationships with partners for personal interests.

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