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Why dream of washing hands on Miller’s dream book, Freud

I dreamed that my hands — the prediction of famous dreaming

Hands — the most sought after part of the human body. Using them every day, it is impossible to imagine life without them.

Why dream of washing hands, we learn in the popular dream books.

General interpretation

The hand, as a symbol, has many meanings, the positive and negative aspects of which depend on certain gestures. Most often it is mentioned in the sense of power, strength, protection. Through them you can express thoughts, feelings, mood.

It is a kind of symbolic language that can tell a lot to a dreamer by opening the veil of the future.

Why dream of washing hands on Miller’s dream book, Freud

In ancient times, they believed that hands convey spiritual and physical strength, through them you can strengthen the energy balance, feel confident in your own success, security, art of managing people, influence the situation and change certain circumstances, not relying on the support of others.

Washing your hands in dreams means trying to get rid of a long-standing addiction, avoiding an uncomfortable position, hiding from obligations. Such visions can come to those who are ashamed of the actions of the past and who want to hide their deeds from human judgments and condemnations.

Dirty palms that have not become cleaner — personify the dreamer’s serious mistakes. Your repentance, regret does not relieve responsibility and will certainly affect the future fate.

Passing water between your fingers, creating a sparkling spray — a good sign for the sleeper, promising dramatic changes. For a woman, it is an opportunity to find a family, to experience the happiness of motherhood.

Men wash with clean, cool water — in reality they open up in themselves the source of new strengths and opportunities, take the path of enlightenment, self-development and inner enrichment. All this will undoubtedly lead to success and increase wealth.

Why dream of washing hands on Miller’s dream book, Freud

The resource used by the dreamer for washing hands is of great importance for correct prediction:

  • milk — in the near future, schedule a meeting with former classmates or classmates. A date with them will be warm and sincere, you have long lacked precisely these emotions and memories;
  • snow — wake up awake so that your dreams will start to come true. The state of euphoria from success and luck will slightly slow down your activity, which is the main source of income;
  • use soap — you will easily and naturally feel yourself in an unfamiliar environment, a company. Perhaps this will be associated with a change of job, place of residence or a long-term business trip. Any changes will only benefit by adding you new experience and knowledge;
  • hot water with the addition of essential oils and fragrant herbs — in reality, you will master passion and desire. This is the case when it is worth discarding all unnecessary business, worries and personal life. Right now you are ready to give your heart and soul to the one who really deserves it. Do not miss the opportunity to rest from work, to surrender to the power of love and bliss;
  • soft foam for hands — expect the appearance of a powerful and strong patron who will be your reliable protection and support for a long time. This person will take on part of your obligations and responsibilities without demanding anything in return;
  • water with ice is a favorable sign for those who have health problems. Your chronic diseases will stop tormenting for a long time. When it comes to various fractures and injuries, they quickly and painlessly tightened, bringing less and less anxiety.
  • sand and clay — in reality you will have to understand a complex and confusing situation that will bring great experiences.

What tried to wash in a dream

A layer of fat on the hands — to useless vain affairs. Trying to launder — in reality, care will not bring moral or material satisfaction.

Try during this period not to assume obligations, to promise your support and assistance. Most likely, it is unlikely anyone will appreciate, and your strength and health after will require a long recovery.

Dreamed of blood on the palms — this reflects the emotional state of depression and hopelessness of the dreamer. You were not ready for the events that happened to you, and now you are experiencing a deep stress, turning into a prolonged depression.

Such an environment will help close the environment, if you do not reject their support and assistance.

To be elbowed in mud in dreams — in reality to experience problems with the law. Do not try to make easy money, refuse very dubious offers and deals where your participation is required.

Do not tempt fate until it has begun to test your strength in remote places of detention.

Wash away feces and various excrements — quickly and easily enriched by a profitable investment of money, strength, intelligence. All that these days you will promote, sell will bring good financial capital.

Be sure to invest money for development, otherwise your efforts will be empty.

Pus and mucus go to the sink — an unpleasant dream promising to get rid of the sickness of the sick person. For a healthy person, such a dream can mean a change in consciousness, the emergence of new life values. You will take a different position in society, supporting those who were previously bypassed.

The inner world perception will change, it will become softer, kinder and more tolerant towards people.

You put it in tar, paint, lime, and you hope to wipe it off your fingers — a time-consuming task awaits you. The case that you entrust, does not promise financial prospects. You will not become rich, but you will gain useful connections, gain experience and professionalism.

Your competence will make you a highly demanded and well-paid person for employers.

You lick the honey off your fingers trying to wash off — a very good dream for those who decided to give in to temptation and plunge into the sea of ​​love and temptation. For unfree people, this is a warning about a threatening relationship or marriage.

It is very likely that you will be in the grip of a sweet life with an unusual person who will excite and inspire you.

Why dream of washing hands on Miller’s dream book, Freud

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

Blood on the hands is interpreted as breaking the close connection with relatives. Perhaps you are too distant from family and friends, which causes them to suffer.

Wash it off your hands means trying to build relationships.

Sigmund Freud

The hand is a phallic symbol. Healthy and powerful reflects the dreamer’s sexual health.

Trying to launder means striving for safer sex and discriminating sexual intercourse. A woman to see how her hands are washed — to stick to a variety of sex.

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