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Why dream of washing dishes: interpretation of the dream book

Washing dishes in a dream — detailed interpretation of the dream books

Dream books connect kitchen utensils with the family, so washing the dishes means worrying about the events taking place in the house, or taking care of relatives who are far from the sleeper. If there is almost no pollution on the plates and cups, the spouses and their children are fine; a thick layer of fat and scraps testify to family problems and conflicts.

A lonely person who washed and dried porcelain dishes to shine will have a chance to find his soul mate.

For a more accurate interpretation of dreams associated with washing dishes, requires knowledge of the details: the place where the action took place; the identity of the person performing the work; which items were washed and what means the main character used to sleep in order to make the utensils clean.

Man dreams, in which he washes dishes, cups and other utensils, dream after the decision to start life from scratch (divorce, move, change jobs). Otherwise, they mean getting rid of bad habits, restoring relationships with those who have been absent from the dreamer for some time and having a happy time.

A woman such a dream promises a successful marriage or the opportunity to openly demonstrate their sexuality and femininity, without risking a loss of reputation. To break some object from the service during washing — to parting with your loved ones.

To wash off the fat that still remains on the dishes is an indication that the girl is looking for non-existent flaws.

Why dream of washing dishes: interpretation of the dream book

Knowing where the washing was done will help to correctly interpret the dream.

Where did you wash the dishes?Value
In my houseIndicator of harmony prevailing in relations between all inhabitants of the house. No adversity can destroy this family union.
In a strange houseIf the dreamer is familiar with the owners of the house, he can trust them in everything and at any time ask for help. Washing dishes in the dwelling of strangers — circumstances will force you to tell your secret
On a visitSuch a dream foreshadows the visit of uninvited and not very educated people who will try to establish their own rules. Do not stand on ceremony with them, even if they are relatives
Have parentsSomeone from a family member will temporarily lose his ability to work or leave, and the sleeper will have to assume his responsibilities.
In a public institutionThe person will do something humiliating from his point of view, because he will not find another way to solve the problem. To wash the dishes as a full-time employee of the kitchen — at work the dreamer will have to take on duties that have nothing to do with his position and cause some inconvenience
In a riverNayav will manage to get out of an unpleasant situation without prejudice to their interests, reputation or material condition
In the sea, oceanSleeping gets rid of stress, splashing out negative emotions on others. Another interpretation of such a dream — a person becomes the protagonist of gossip because of his behavior
In the bathroomMost of the people who make up the social circle of a dreamer have pure thoughts and good character. With those who spread the negative, he breaks the contact
On the kitchenThe hassles that the one who dreamed of washing the dishes faces every day are a habitual routine and are no different from the concerns of the average citizen.
At the weddingThere is a lot of work to be done, which, nevertheless, will be a pleasure.
At the commemorationResponsibilities, the fulfillment of which is in the dreamer, but there is no possibility to abandon them
At workIt will be possible to take a profitable side job. Wash plates after a banquet or a corporate celebration — to a pay rise

Washing the dishes where it is usually not done (in the basement, in the attic, in the middle of the road) — to receive complaints from people for whom the dreamer’s lifestyle is unusual.

Why dream of washing dishes: interpretation of the dream book

It matters what the water was:

  • Dirty — to family turmoil, illness and loss.
  • Pure — to improve health and build relationships with the second half.
  • Cold — to betrayal.

Washing with plain water means that the dreamer’s conscience is clear.

To wash the plates and other utensils, soaping her with soap, — the one who does this wants to forget about the sins committed many years ago.

If a wash was used to wash dishes, nothing new happens in the life of the sleeper. He is always busy with the same things, does not make new acquaintances and does not have the opportunity to break out of the vicious circle of problems.

And if it happened in a sink under running water, the dreamer’s family will live in prosperity, but for this he will have to work hard.

The use of gloves indicates a reluctance to focus on important or urgent tasks.

A loaded dishwasher indicates the need to get rid of harmful habits, stop communicating with people who devalue the merits of a sleeper or instill an inferiority complex in him.

Why dream of washing dishes: interpretation of the dream book

If the dreamer did not wash all the dishes, but only certain items, you should decode it like this.

What did the dreamer wash?Treatment
PlatesGood luck in finances. Such a dream promises winnings in the lottery; a victory in a skill contest where a cash prize is provided; jackpot in gambling
CupsThe dreamer will go to visit a man whom he has not seen for a long time and whom he missed.
SpoonsIn his spare time, a person likes to discuss his colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances and often embellishes his stories about them, adds non-existent facts; and sometimes spreads slander
ForksSomeone offended the sleeper and he has a plan for revenge
KnivesThis action predicts poverty. To wash a bloody knife — inflict a mental wound on someone. Cut yourself while washing — the one whom the dreamer regards as a friend will turn out to be a detractor
PotIn the near future there will be a meeting with distant relatives, initiated by them. These people will try to benefit from communicating with the sleeper.
GriddleGuests will come. If the bottom of the pan is stuck to the bottom of the food that has to be scrubbed with force, the person will have a chance to restore his reputation.
Baking traysGood news is coming soon. Scrub scorched food — to the disappointment

If all the items belonged to the same set, it means that in order to fulfill your innermost dreams you need to show talent or find a non-standard way of earning, self-expression.

To wash a beautiful old set — for a business trip or a trip for personal business.

To wash disposable dishes for reuse — a person will get rich thanks to his perseverance.

If the dreamer did this of his own free will, he is disturbed by the members of his family and their behavior; at someone’s request — he will be involved in solving other people’s problems.

The interpretation of dreams in which other people were doing the washing up:

Mother in lawIn real life, she does her best to find common ground with the daughter-in-law. Mom of the future husband, seen in a dream for such an occupation, is ready to accept the choice of a son and to love a girl like her own daughter
ParentsIn the depths of his soul, he slept holding a grudge against his father or mother. If they came to visit and wash their hands in the house where the dreamer lives, this is a sign of total control on their part.
Girlfriend or boyfriendIt should slow down the pace of life, otherwise there is a risk to miss all the most interesting
Husband or wifeThe one who washed the kitchen utensils, reproaches the rest of the household that they do not provide household help. Spouses do it together — after a long misunderstanding between the husband and wife, peace will be established, and well-being will reign in the house
ChildThe decision to give birth to a son or daughter was rash, and now the person is looking for new reasons to entrust the raising of a child to a nanny or grandmother
NeighborPeople living nearby feel uncomfortable with the sleeper’s actions, but for the time being they do not dare to inform him about it. Soon their patience will end
dead personTo see in a dream how someone died washes the dishes — it will be possible to find a way out of the situation thanks to a hint. The wise advice of an outsider will solve the problem faster than expected.
StrangerThe dreamer has no faith in his own strength, and he is inclined to trust the opinions of others around. Non-constructive criticism can ruin his initiatives, which have a good perspective.
Ex boyfriend or girlfriendThere is no chance to restore the relationship

I dreamed that the dishes were completely licked by the animal — relatives would intentionally create problems for the sleeper.

Interpreters explain the dream in which someone was washing the dishes in different ways.

Dream interpretationInterpretation
MillerThis action promises prosperity and happiness in the future. Married ladies washing plates and cutlery indicates a lack of understanding. Rinse dishes with chipped or cracked — a sign that dreams will not come true
FreudAccording to this dream book, washing dishes in a dream hints at the need to take care of your health in reality. Also, sleep can be interpreted as a desire to get pregnant
WangiThe one who is engaged in the specified business, is already ripe for the birth of children. If a young girl washes the dishes, she needs to be careful not to conceive a baby outside of marriage.
IslamicWherever you have to wash the dishes and whoever does this, the meaning of sleep comes down to eliminating the troubles that poison a person’s life.
Juno’sThis occupation symbolizes harmonious relations between spouses and a pleasant atmosphere in the house.
ModernThis dream book claims that washing dishes foreshadows poor health, and if the water was dirty, there will be a serious illness. Do this with another person or help someone — to the emergence of common interests
XXI centuryTo wash new dishes — to the troubles that have been avoided; old and damaged — there will be no stability in affairs

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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