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Why dream of walking in the snow barefoot in the dream and in terms of medicine

I dreamed that I walk in the snow barefoot — interpretation features

What does it mean by walking in the snow barefoot in the snow? Should we be afraid of such a dream, or should we urgently run to look for snow and walk barefoot, trying to understand the content of the dream.

The snow is beautiful if you look at it from the window of a warm, well-heated room.

Direct skin contact with snow, especially long-lasting, inevitably leads to severe hypothermia and health problems. Short walks or jogging in the snow are extreme methods of hardening.

Another thing — in a dream. In a dream, we can walk freely in the water and clouds, and not just walk barefoot in the snow. What does such a dream mean?

Are your feet so cold that the snow won’t hurt? The instinct of self-preservation has disconnected and you don’t care what happens to you?

The dream is unusual, disturbing. Perhaps it means the awakening of creativity and the need for change.

Why dream of walking in the snow barefoot in the dream and in terms of medicine

Basic Values

  • There are two main values ​​- hardening, an element of entertainment, marriage games, when running around with hot heels in the snow, and even after the bath is a pleasure. The first value, if walking barefoot gives you pleasure — it is impunity and permissiveness. Do whatever you want, and nothing will happen to you. One should be wary of any dreams that promise permissiveness and understand that permission to create anything is given for a short period of time. If you play in the game “everything is possible for me because it is me” — there is a chance of receiving serious injuries, ruined health and badly damaged reputation.
  • The second meaning has the opposite meaning. This is hopeless despair, abandonment of property and even personal belongings and care barefoot in a life-threatening situation.

Why dream of walking in the snow barefoot in the dream and in terms of medicine

Actual values

If your legs are freezing, stiff and as a result you dream that you are walking barefoot through the snow, there may be a problem with the cardiovascular system. The blood does not reach the lower extremities, it is possible the stagnation of blood, the formation of blood clots.

Feet become icy when strongly mythical or nervous exhaustion of the body.

In this case, walking in the snow barefoot in a dream is a sign that you need to seriously take care of your health. For a start, buy good wool socks and make sure the bedroom is warm. You can start to pour cold water on your legs before bedtime.

This will restore blood circulation. But to go to the doctor is not an extra step. The problem can be in the circulatory and nervous system.

Try to walk more, spend time in the fresh air.

In childhood and adolescence to walk in the snow barefoot in a dream means the desire to stand out, to attract maximum attention. Do not hesitate, the child will definitely try to embody the dream in reality.

If you scold the child in advance or explain that you can catch a bad cold so — the child will make unexpected conclusions for you and will certainly try to get sick. Just for the sake of experiment or for the sake of profit — missing classes or checklists

In addition, patients need more attention. This is also taken into account.

You will have to find a way out yourself. Run barefoot with a child in the snow after a good run in the park or after a Russian steam room.

Why dream of walking in the snow barefoot in the dream and in terms of medicine

What does it mean to walk in the snow barefoot in dream books

  • If the snow is clean and white, it caresses your legs as if it is fluff, and touching it gives you an exceptionally pleasant feeling, invigorating and affectionate — this is a sign of purification. It is likely that you will get rid of many health problems, you will not be afraid of frost. But do not rush to walk without a scarf and hat in extreme cold. Especially make sure your feet are warm and dry. Catch a cold on the wave of courage — easy. It is especially unpleasant to treat chronic diseases that occur when hypothermia of the legs is cystitis, prostatitis, and other unpleasant inflammations.
  • If the snow under your feet does not melt and does not melt, it is quite possible that this is a sign of depression. You dream of yourself as an ethereal spirit that cannot feel anything. Go to the doctor until you have done trouble. In such a state, people often decide to go to extremes in order to arouse emotions. And you just need to stimulate the neurons of the brain. Head massage will help in part. Buy a good perfume, look for reasons for joy. Parted with people who forbid you to experience positive emotions that your joy seems inappropriate and inappropriate. It is not joke. Frozen condition can greatly harm you. Although, perhaps, it seems to you that you are protected from external influences. This is not true.
  • Dirty snow, icy road, puddles, powdered with snow, clay — you neglect yourself and pull the strap for ten without the slightest gratitude from others. Get out of this rut.
  • Half-melted snow — to break the relationship. Take care of yourself in advance, check your bills and cards, prepare your way to retreat, not to be barefoot on the icy road at the most inopportune moment.
  • Run or walk barefoot through the snow to your great love — you will become an object of ridicule. Your sacrifices will not be evaluated.

Why dream of walking in the snow barefoot in the dream and in terms of medicine


Walking barefoot in the snow is an extreme activity. Sleep shows strong stress, even at the most positive values. Pay attention to yourself, get out of the destructive relationship, break the dependency, you can handle.

Seek help from friends and relatives. Try to thaw inside yourself. Around the exact same people, like yourself.

Do not treat people like objects and tools.

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