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Why dream of vomiting: interpretation by dream books

Why dream of vomiting: the interpretation of the image of the famous dream books

Seeing vomiting in a dream is generally a favorable symbol, foreshadowing deliverance from all that is unnecessary in the life of a dreamer or dreamer. Also, the image seen in night dreams may have negative values, promising dissatisfaction with oneself, troubles, fatigue, and fatigue from one’s activities.

It is important to take into account even the smallest details of the dream: the type of vomit, own actions, terrain and setting, storyline. It is also recommended to take into account the interpretation of various famous dream books.

The interpretation of the dream of vomit can vary depending on the sex of a person:

  • A woman sleep promises vain efforts, failure to fulfill desires, disappointment and grief. The girl dreams of nausea during a real pregnancy to a severe physical condition in reality, expressed toxicosis.
  • Man the image foreshadows troubles, disappointments, failures, sadness and major troubles in business and work.

If vomiting is a dream to a child or teenager is a sign of a difficult, humiliating experience or experience.

Why dream of vomiting: interpretation by dream books

Initially, you need to remember how vomiting looked in a dream. For example:

  • Vomited blood — to get rid of problems that crush psychologically.
  • Milk — to commit something unpleasant, difficult work for financial gain or waste of money.
  • Worms or other insects — to strong stress and anxiety due to the fact that the dreamer has failed others.
  • Bile — to a negative sense of self, torment of conscience or illness.
  • Undigested Food — to the failure of any life situation.

It was a dream, as if vomiting was some kind of unusual (multi-colored, with sparkles) — to the non-acceptance of oneself, fatigue, psychological difficulties or complexes.

Why dream of vomiting: interpretation by dream books

The main point in drawing up the interpretation of the image is the development of the storyline and the actions of a sleeping person in a dream:

ActInterpretation of sleep
Feeling gagging, but enduringTo chagrin and difficulties in reality
Smear gag on your bodyTo fatigue, despair, hysteria, neurosis
Throw someone’s own vomitTo reproaches, conflict, quarrel with someone from the inner circle
Hide vomit, quickly clean up, cleanTo the unfortunate course of the case, ridiculous accidents, failures and bad luck
Have your own vomitBy hiding something, keeping secrets, fear of letting go of important things.
Snatch on someoneThe dreamer can not restrain emotions. To expressing an opinion that may not be appropriate
Wash clothesTo the correction of mistakes made earlier
Drink antiemeticTo luck, to get some chance, to get a lucky chance

If a person saw in his dream how he was sick of someone else, you need to consider who it is:

  • Son or daughter — to concern for the child in reality.
  • Father or mother (alive) — the person who dreamed will start to feel unwell.
  • Spouse or spouse — to dissatisfaction with marriage, small difficulties, disagreements or scandal.
  • Dead person — to memories that will lead to unpleasant emotions.

The stranger, restraining the gagging impulses while sleeping, is a symbol of what will be able to detect the insincerity of people in reality.

Why dream of vomiting: interpretation by dream books

If you can remember the environment and the area in a dream, you need to take into account this:

  • Vomit or vomit on the street in a public place —In the near future, something will ruin the dreamer’s mood.
  • In the toilet — soon something extremely unpleasant will happen.
  • In bed — to the disclosure of the details of someone’s intimate life or public gossip about the sexual relations of the sleeper.
  • In the bin or package — it will be possible to solve someone’s secret.
  • In bag, briefcase — to the machinations of enemies and unpleasantness on the part of someone.

It dreamed that the vomit flew over the head of a sleeping person from somewhere above (from the sky or from the balcony) — in real life, you will have to do a lot of monotonous work, and the profit will be quite scanty.

There are other interpretations of vomiting sleep. Some famous dream books interpret the image in a slightly different way:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudFreud deciphers the dream as a symbol of dissatisfaction, aversion to his permanent sexual partner or partner, problems in a love relationship or marriage
MillerDream Miller promises a man or a woman suffering, anxiety, anxiety and strong anxiety
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaIn the near future, there will be some kind of situation that will ease the life of a sleeping person — or he will get what he has long wished for.
AmericanForeshadows the dreamer getting rid of old ideas, unnecessary people in the environment, unnecessary connections, oppressive duties and the like.
OrientalWarns of possible health problems with loved ones who need help from a man or a woman who has seen a dream
NewestVomiting with blood, food, or bile is a sign that diseases associated with improper functioning of the digestive system will torment
FamilySoon, the dreamer will discover the lie or deception of a loved one, and also get involved in some scandalous story.
XXI centuryTo experience the gagging urge — to financial enrichment, to snatch the food that has just been eaten — to chagrin or disappointment

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