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Why dream of urinating in a dream on the dream of Miller, Vanga

What does it mean to urinate in a dream — decoding for different dream books

What dreams that urinate in a dream? After reading the dream book, we learn about it.

To see urine in a dream and urinate is a sign with a positive color. Well, if you did it in the right place. In some cases, it may report adverse events in the near future or major changes in the body.

Getting rid of excess fluid in the body speaks of the release of aggressive energy that has accumulated in you. Urination in a dream may symbolize the beginning of a new period of personal growth of the dreamer.

You can find out the exact explanation in the dream book, recalling all the details of the vision.

Interpretation of various dream books

Why dream of urinating in a dream on the dream of Miller, Vanga

Explanation of the psychologist A. Meneghetti

Urination in a dream can mean insult of the dreamer, detachment from violent eroticism.

Gypsy dream book

  • Peeing on a stranger promises a quarrel with him.
  • Being spattered with urine to a sick person foreshadows healing, normal is a disease.

An explanation of Prince Zhou-Gong

A man to do it on their feet promises well-being in all matters.

Psychotherapeutic Dream

This means a desire to mark the territory. Anxiety dreamer contributes to do it more often.

Therefore, children with the appearance of a younger brother or sister are likely even manifestations of enuresis, in order to attract more lost attention from the mother.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

  • Urin is a sign of loss of contact with other people and of an evil principle in a dreamer. This may portend unpleasant events.
  • To pee in a dream means release from bad thoughts and anger. Perhaps this purification foreshadows the dreamer transition to a higher level of spiritual and material well-being. There are great opportunities ahead.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

  • A dream with such a plot is a positively colored sign.
  • It is time to get rid of all unnecessary in the house. The soul also requires purification.
  • With all the desire you could not do it in a dream — in reality you cannot make a serious decision on your own. You need to stop listening to extraneous advice, and trust your intuition more.
  • The urination was with blood — to a relative’s disease, muddy urine — to a serious illness of the dreamer.

Vanga’s opinion

  • If the dreamer fulfills his small need for people — a sign of deliverance from his complexes and elevation in front of others.
  • To do this at work is the desire for growth through the ranks.
  • Peeing on another person — the desire to show him his exclusivity and insult him in reality.

View of psychologist S. Freud

During this, you felt a sense of pleasure — in the near future you will be free from all doubt and suspicion when communicating with other people.

The interpretation of the witch Medea

To urinate in a dream — to the fulfillment of small desires and getting rid of small troubles.

Dreams of Dmitry and Hope of Winter

  • To wet oneself in a dream — you will not be able to solve the existing problem right away. It is necessary to make a short pause and prepare well for this.
  • See how other people write — to obstacles on the way to your designs. The people you counted on will fail you.

Why dream of urinating in a dream on the dream of Miller, Vanga

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

  • To urinate, in order to collect the urine for analysis, promises a slight deterioration in health. Recovery will be quick.
  • A woman to see a man engaged in this business is a harbinger of a quarrel with her husband.
  • The very peeing — to gossip and envy. Be careful with your girlfriends.
  • Feel the smell of urine in a dream — to meet with mean people. You can expect serious trouble from them.
  • They were holding a baby in their arms, and he wet you — an accident with your friend shocks you.

Common dream book

Sleep with such a scenario predicts trouble.

Chinese dream book

  • During urination to wet clothes promises wealth.
  • Urinary incontinence in sleep — to loss and loss of wealth.

The place where you did it matters

  • Peeing on the floor — to financial stability.
  • To handle the need for any capacity — you were afraid of the waking of some unpleasant situation.
  • Make it in the toilet — a romantic evening with a beautiful lady.
  • Writing on the street — says about spiritual discord.
  • Urination occurred in the water — to the beginning of a successful life stage.
  • Peeing in the wrong place and furtively foreshadows a bad deed, from which there will be dire consequences.
  • Write to the toilet — promotion on the career ladder. At the same time, they didn’t fall into it, and everything was on the floor — to make a false decision.

Urination was accompanied by pain

  • This may portend a new position at work.
  • This scenario of sleep promises obstacles to the goal, the absence of like-minded people.
  • This can be a warning about the disease of the genitourinary system of the body. Urgent consultation of the urologist is necessary.

Peeing in front of other people

  • To do this in the workplace — symbolizes the desire to get the highest position, the best working conditions.
  • It was at home — says the intention of the dreamer to use someone else’s property. This waking up can lead to serious problems and failures.

What foreshadows piss in a dream?

  • To a strong desire to do it immediately in reality.
  • With neurotic incontinence, sleep with a similar plot can be repeated often.
  • Writing in a dream in bed is a sign of feelings and feelings of guilt. In real life, the dreamer needs to sort out his internal problems.
  • This may indicate a tired body that needs rest. Leave you just needed.

Why dream of urinating in a dream on the dream of Miller, Vanga

Interpretation from other sources

  1. To urinate on the floor foreshadows a good mood. Do it on your own feet — for an interesting trip.
  2. Drink urine after urination — in reality you are busy unpromising affairs. All your efforts will be in vain.
  3. Pissing in a dream in a diaper symbolizes the presence of the faithful patron in the dreamer.
  4. To do it during intimacy — to search for new sensations.
  5. Go to the toilet to pee and see there are a few people who already do it — to clarify the relationship.

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