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Why dream of traveling through the dream books of Freud, Vanga and Miller

Dreamed a journey — dream interpretation by various dream books

Who among us does not like to travel? It will not be surprising if, after a hard day’s work, your subconsciousness projects in a dream a very pleasant image for you: walking under the Eiffel Tower or the sound of a wave on the beach.

Why dream of a trip — the dream book will answer.

Travel in a dream — a general interpretation

Sometimes traveling in a dream does not carry any symbolic interpretations, but simply subconsciously indicates your physical and mental fatigue. Maybe you really need a vacation.

But often this image warns of the danger that may soon overtake the dreamer. To give the correct interpretation of this dream, you need to remember the maximum amount of details, collect them in one image, and only then look for answers in various dream books.

Time travel

A very strange way of traveling in a dream, but it is not so rare. If you have seen such a dream, then in reality you are not satisfied with the present. You may not like much: social circle, field of activity, place of residence, social status, and more.

Various snolokovateli recommend not to be afraid to look into the future and risk starting a new life.

Why dream of traveling through the dream books of Freud, Vanga and Miller

It is also a very necessary detail for the accurate interpretation of a dream.

  • Travel by train. If in the Kingdom of Morpheus we had to go by train, then in real life the dreamer will face serious problems that will be extremely difficult to solve;
  • Conquering new lands on the ship is a pleasant change. Fate prepares the sleeper for unexpected, but very favorable turns of events;
  • Fly on vacation by plane — an unfavorable symbol, which marks the dreamer a lot of problems and hard work. To avoid trouble will only attentiveness of the dreamer. It is recommended that you carefully think through every minute of your life to avoid unnecessary trouble;
  • Travel by car. It is necessary to remember: you were traveling alone or with a company. If the first, then awaiting you awaits a relaxing trip. It may be a long trip, or you decide to visit your distant relatives. In the case when in a dream you decided to go on holiday by car with a large company, then in real life you are waiting for exciting adventures and useful acquaintances with interesting people.

Why dream of traveling through the dream books of Freud, Vanga and Miller

Other images

  • Before time to return from a trip — to luck in your career. Your responsible approach to business will soon bear fruit. Not far off the promotion or increase in wages. Also, this symbol indicates that you are surrounded only by the most reliable and loyal people. It is necessary to appreciate;
  • A hard journey through the bare sheer cliffs — to the onset of a difficult life period. This period will bring a lot of financial losses and big disappointments;
  • Walk through a deserted field, which is covered with lush vegetation. This dream image marks good luck and career success for the dreamer.

Why dream of traveling through the dream books of Freud, Vanga and Miller

Interpretation of authoritative dream books

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  • Freud believes that the image of travel symbolizes the man’s panic fear of death. Usually such people work a lot and spend very little time with their loved ones. If you send someone on a trip, then you subconsciously worry about the life and health of this person;
  • If in his nightly dreams the dreamer goes on a tour, then he is trying to hide from his loved ones some secret that concerns his intimate life. Perhaps this is due to illness or you are just shy of your partner;
  • To act on the tour as a guide. This image symbolizes that you have accumulated enough experience in the intimate plan to share it with others.

Wangi Nepalsokatel

  • Bulgarian clairvoyant offers to remember how you got to the place. If there were no problems with the road, then in life you are moving in the right direction. There were always difficulties in the way — something urgently needs to be changed: either the approach to business, or the field of activity. If you leave everything as it is, then you can never achieve your goals;
  • To walk in a dream on the desert is expensive. This image symbolizes your loneliness and feelings about it;
  • A dream trip on a train in a dream marks a distant reality trip. Also, this image foreshadows impending changes in life. Only from the dreamer will depend: it will be good changes or adverse.

The interpretation of the image of the dream Miller

  • Traveling in dreams signifies success and success, both in career and in personal affairs;
  • A dream, where you travel to unfamiliar and gloomy places, warns of danger and possible diseases with terrible consequences that will overtake the dreamer and his family;
  • A trip by car alone — for a trip in reality, without unpleasant adventures. If you manage to go by car with friends, then in real life you are waiting for pleasant times and new useful acquaintances;
  • Send someone on vacation. This symbol marks a white stripe in life. You can easily solve all the problems and difficulties for which you will be richly rewarded.

The interpretation of the image of the dream book Lofa

In most cases, traveling in a dream is a reminder that in real life you have a lot of unfinished business left. If they are not resolved in time, the consequences can be very sad.

Also, this image warns of the onset of a difficult life period.

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