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Why dream of the New Year?

Why dream of the New Year? The best interpretations of the dream books

Why dream of the New Year? A wonderful holiday, which is associated only with positive emotions, gifts and greetings, most often dream of auspicious events. But there are negative values.

We share the interpretation of popular dream books.

Why dream of the New Year?

What does the New Year mean in a dream?

Most often, the authors of dream books write that New Year fun in a dream is a sign of favorable events in the future. But the meaning of the dream may differ depending on the season when you saw the New Year pictures, day of the week, events taking place, experienced emotions and other things. Therefore, remember the dream in great detail and get ready to decipher the vision:

  • New year dream in winter. So you are anticipating a grand celebration. Growing up, you have not lost the ability to feel the magical atmosphere, wait for gifts from Santa Claus and enjoy all the New Year’s symbols. This value is true for dreams that you saw in late November — early December
  • Some authors argue that New Yeardreams of new, dramatic changes in life. They will only be favorable. You are waiting for success, vocation, material well-being and personal happiness. Do not miss your luck, catch the odds that fate sends!

Other authors believe that negative interpretations of New Year’s dreams are possible. But to understand what exactly a bad dream promises, you need to remember the details of the plot and your personal feelings.

Why dream of the New Year?

Popular interpretations

We share the most common and truthful predictions collected in popular authoritative dream books:

  • If a dreamed New Year, wait for the fate of material gifts. Suddenly, you will receive an expensive gift or a good bargain. Money will literally fall from the sky, you will not miss this moment
  • New Year dream of one of the newlyweds. This is a great sign, because such a dream foreshadows a long family happiness. You will always live in prosperity, understand each other and raise beautiful children.
  • Dreaming of a happy New Year celebration with friends? Good sleep too. In the near future, your long-term plans will come true, your innermost dreams will come true. It will happen unexpectedly, but you will be very happy.
  • Dream that Meet the New Year all alone? This suggests that in real life you are a closed and closed person. You suffer from loneliness, which you are to blame. It’s time to put an end to social passivity, learn to communicate with people, make friends and look for the other half.
  • Watching a fun holiday, but don’t take part in it? A dream says: you are unjust to your loved ones. Either you are too critical of them, or you consider them to be a bad person who actually is almost an angel in the flesh. Stop criticizing, learn to evaluate people fairly
  • For some reason, the New Year’s Eve in the warm season? Or did you have a dream in a hot country among palm trees? Most likely, in real life you are absolutely happy, do not have a lack of anything. You are satisfied with your personal and social life, satisfied with your career and income. keep it up
  • Celebrate New Year in a dream, but do not feel joy? Devastated, passive, full of gloom? In real life, we can expect conflicts with close people because of your fault. If a dream dreamed a girl, a major quarrel with a loved one is coming
  • In the kingdom of Morpheus see yourself from the New Year’s party? Dreams predict a long life without disease and heavy losses
  • Dream that you nReceive lots of gifts? This means that in real life throughout the year you will constantly receive pleasant gifts. Or from her husband, or from a loved one, or from relatives. Do not forget about gratitude and reciprocity, otherwise the stream of surprises and gifts will stop.
  • In a dream decorate the Christmas tree and set the table? Wait in real life pleasant heart events. Great joy awaits you, but past grievances and disappointments will remain in the past.

These are the most common interpretations. As you can see, the New Year is almost always a dream for joy, gifts, auspicious events.

Next, we analyze the rarer values ​​of holiday sleep.

And in the video you can see what the dream of New Year’s champagne is for:

Other interpretations

Remember the details of sleep:

  • In a dream, you saw a full New Year’s meal, but did you feel hungry? Expect a soon disappointment: you will be deceived by your beloved, a close friend will betray you or children will not justify the hopes placed on them
  • Find a nasty gift under the Christmas tree? Are there dead animals, insects or debris? Bad sign. Such a dream is usually a dream for severe illness or a huge financial loss.
  • Watching a cozy quiet holiday in the family circle? So, soon there will be a large but pleasant purchase for the house. It could be a washing machine, a dishwasher, or even a new apartment. The scale of the purchase depends on the capabilities of your family budget.

The more positive, good emotions and gifts were in a dream, the better everything will be for you in real life.

Why dream of the New Year?

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